15 Ways to Make Hotspot on Mikrotik Easily and Quickly

A full-featured router. One feature that is quite popular and widely used from the Mikrotik Router itself is Hotspot. Do you know the difference between regular internet sharing and Hotspot? Maybe you often find a wifi internet signal that is passworded using WPA or WEP. You will be able to surf the internet if you enter the password correctly. So anyone can access the wifi if they know the password because there is only one password.

Unlike the Hotspot method, most wifi hotspots are not passwordd and all users can connect and then will be directed to the login page in the Web Browser. Each user can login with a different username and password. This kind of method is what we often find in wifi cafes, schools, campuses, and other public areas.

Well, now we will discuss about Mikrotik and 15 Ways to Make Hotspot on Mikrotik Easily and Quickly below.

1. House the name mikrotik
[email protected]# system identity set name= YOUR NAME

2. Change the interface name
[email protected]# interface ethernet set ether1 name= wan
[email protected]# interface ethernet set ether2 name= lan
[email protected]# interface wireless enable wlan

3. Give the ip address on the interface
[email protected]# ip addreas add addreas = 192.168.3.XXX/24 interface = wan
[email protected]# ip addreas add addreas = 192.168.900.XXX/24 interface = lan
[email protected]# ip addreas add addreas = 192.168.700.XXX/24 interface = wlan1

4. Create an ip address on the gateway for the modem (according to ip isp)
[email protected]# ip route add gateway =

5. Added DNS to connect to the internet
[email protected]# ip dsn set server = allow-remote-request = YES

6. Forwarding packets to connect to the isp gateway
[email protected]# ip firewall nat add chain = srcnat action = masquerade out interface = wan

7, Enable web proxy ip lan
[email protected]# ip proxy set enable = yes src addreas = port = 3128 cache-administrator = name max-cache-size = unlimited

8. Change the direct port line 80 to 3128
[email protected]# ip firewall nat add chain = dstnat protocol = tcp in-interface = wlan1 dst-port = 80 action = redirect to port = 3128

9. Change the SSID name on the proxy
[email protected]# wireless interface set wlan1 ssid = NAME mode = ap-bridge

10. Create ip pool for lan interface
[email protected]# ip pool name = dhcplan ranges = –

11. Create ip pooll dhcp for wlan interface
[email protected]# ip pool add name = dhcpwlan range = – 192.168.2000.9

12. Enable DHCP for LAN
[email protected]# ip dhcp server add name = lan interface = lan disable = no-addreas-pool = dhpclan

13. Configure DHCP for wlan
[email protected]# ip dhcp server add name = wlan interface = wlan1 disable = no-addreas-pool = dhcpwlan

14. Creating a netwrok for DHCP on a DHCP network lan
[email protected]# ip dhcp-server netwrok add addreas = dns -server = gateway = netmax =

15 . Creating a netwrok for DHCP on a dhcp wlan network
[email protected]# ip dhcp-server network add addreas = dns-set-servers gateway = netmax =

Thank God, I have shared these tips with you even without pictures. Hopefully these tips can help those of you who are making your own HotSpot at home.