2 Ways to Change Boot Animation and Shut Animation on Android

2 Ways to Change Boot Animation and Shut Animation on Android

Hello friends, on this occasion I will show you how to change the boot animation or boot logo on Android,

But before we start the tutorial, we should first know, what is it Boot Animation And Shut Animation.

So Boot Animation is an animation on the android operating system that occurs, when we turn on the android phone, usually the boot logo is in the form of a smartphone brand, which you turn on or turn on.

While Shut Animation is an animation that occurs on Android, when we turn off or shutdown the Android phone, sometimes there are Android phones that do not have shut animation.

Well… After you know what boot animation and shut animation are, let’s start to change or replace them so that our Android phones are cooler and more unique than other Android phones. But remember your Android phone must be rooted. If not, you can follow the Easy and Safe Android Root Guide

Tutorial How to Change Android Boot Logo

How to change the boot animation and shut animation can be done manually and using an application.

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Replacing Boot Animation And Shut Animation With Root Explorer

In this way is, the way is highly recommended. So that your android bootanimation and shutanimation do not occur the image or animation is too small or too big and before following this method, I recommend backing up your Android phone first.

  1. Download and install the root explorer app on the play store.
  2. Next, prepare bootanimation and shutanimation according to your wishes.
  3. Then enter the root explorer application, search for and rename the bootanimation or shutanimation file that you downloaded earlier, Become bootanimation.zip or shutanimation.zip.
  4. Then move the file to /system/media/ or ROOT/system/etc/media and then change the permissions to RW-R–R–
  5. Press OK and restart your android phone. And congratulations, your bootanimation or shutanimation has changed according to your wishes.

Changing Boot Animation With An App

If you don’t want to be complicated, then you can use this application, the name of the application is BootAnimation.zip Changer Root. You can choose, download, and install bootanimation in the application, but unfortunately there are some android phones that do not support this application.

If your Android phone includes several cellphones that don’t support it, don’t be discouraged because you can use the manual method to replace it. Because not all support the files in the application.

so much How to Change Boot Animation And Shut Animation On Android, I hope what this short blog post shares can make you know more about android oprek and also thank you for visiting this android blog.