2 Ways to Change Telkomsel’s Unlimited Max Quota to Regular Quota

UnlimitedMax quota, with the UnlimitedMax quota we can change the UnlimitedMax quota into Regular / flash quota, by using a VPN or Tunnel application

With Kouta UnlimitedMax Telkomsel, if the main quota has run out, we can still access several applications such as YouTube, MAXstream, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, GamesMAX, MusicMAX unlimitedly without being limited by FUP and internet speed

we can also use the main quota (Flash) that has been exhausted, we can also still access the internet outside of the above applications, but with a limited speed of 128 kbps. with such an internet speed, you can only access the Chat Application

there are 2 ways and methods that we can use to convert UnlimitedMax Kouta into Telkomsel Regular Kouta, namely the Wireguard application or BSA using the Anonytun application

How to Change Telkomsel UnlimitedMax Quota to Regular

How to Change Telkomsel UnlimitedMax Quota to Regular

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Convert UnlimitedMax Quota Into Flash Quota With Wireguard App

  • First of all we need to create a Wireguard Account

we can get a Wireguard account for free and easily through the Website of the Wireguard service provider At HideSSH

because To change the UnlimitedMax quota to regular we will use the WireGuard application. Therefore we need a WireGuard account.

  • Go to the following address: https://hidessh.com/wireguard
  • Select the desired server for example America Server
  • Input Google username and chat
  • to create an account Press Create Account
  • don’t forget to download config / scan Config Wireguard

For the complete tutorial, see the tutorial below

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Then We Import and Add Bugs in Config WireGuard

  • Open the Wireguard App
  • Import the config or scan the wireguard config that you have created
  • Click on the Config wireguard
  • then Edit by clicking on the icon Pen
  • in the Endpoints section. Add login5.spotify.com in front of the Endpoint, so that it becomes like in the following image
Convert UnlimitedMax Quota Into Flash Quota With Wireguard App
  • Save Configuration config
  • to run Slide On
Connect to wiregurad server

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if an additional notification appears from the wireguard application, it means that it is connected to the server, make sure RX and TX on wireguard are running, so that Kouta UnlimitedMax can be used as a Kouta Flash tellkomsel

Change UnlimitedMax Quota Into Flash Quota With Anonytun App

in the way below, we don’t need an SSH account or a Wireguard account, we just need to set some configurations in the Anonytun application to Change Telkomsel UnlimitedMax Quota

  • Download and Install the latest version of the Anonytun application on the Playstore
  • Open the App Anonytun
  • then Click on STEALTH SETTINGS

then setting as below

Turn Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF
Connection Protocol select SSL
Enable Advanced SSL Settings

  • after that, Click EDIT SSL SETTINGS

make sure you set like below

Activate SNI Host Spoof
Enable Spoof Host:Port
Spoof Host : login5.spotify.com
Spoof Port : 443

  • save the configuration by clicking Ok and SAVE
  • to run the Anonytun application, Click CONNECT

Pay attention to the Notifications section. If it says Connected as shown in the following image, it means that you have successfully connected to the AnonyTun server.

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if you are still not clear with the tutorial above about 2 Ways to Change Telkomsel Unlimited Max Quota to Regular Quota, you can ask the comment column id below