2 Ways to Download Story WA on Android

How to Download Story WA

How to Download Story WA – The story status feature on WA or WhatsApp which is displayed only for 24 hours is now widely used by social media users out there. However, many people want to download the WA story, but in WA itself they can’t save or download the story.

Actually there are several ways to download the WA story, especially on Android, namely by using an application or without an application.

How to Download Story WA With Applications

Without realizing it, if you open someone else’s WA story, then actually the WA video story is stored in your Android cellphone memory. However, the file is hidden.

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For that there are several steps that you must follow, as follows:

Stage 1. Open my files or file manager installed on your Android phone.

Stage 2. Find and select the storage media for internal memory or internal storage. Keep in mind that each type of smartphone may be different. After that you go to a folder called WhatsApp.

Stage 3. After that, please go to the media folder, inside the WhatsApp folder. Later you will see the .statuses folder which is where the WA story photo and video files are stored.

Stage 4. Then after successfully entering the .statuses folder, you can save and move the photo and video files to another folder.

Stage 5. Done!, Well, this way the story wa file will be saved and not automatically lost.

How to Download Story WA Without Application

Well, this method uses an application called Status Saver For WhatsApp.

Stage 1. Please download and install Status Saver For WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Stage 2. Then you open the application, in the application you can select only photos or videos with the down arrow, so the photos or videos you choose will automatically be stored in your cellphone memory.

Stage 3. Finished

Well, that’s it several ways to download story wa on android, either with the application or without the application, please choose what you want. Good luck and thanks for visiting!