2 Ways to Restore Flash Disk Data Quickly and Easily

2 Ways to Restore Flash Disk Data Quickly and Easily


Talking about lost USB memory, surely the first thing that comes to mind is the result of a virus. Because, it is undeniable that this little speeding technology is indeed vulnerable to viruses. Just imagine when important files or data that were there disappeared without a trace. Wow, this can be a bitch! The possibility of missing data can be influenced by two things, namely: viruses or bad sectors. Bad sectors are deleting important data accidentally. We often experience this, right? When So, you don’t need to panic. Try the qualified method below, yes. How to restore deleted files on a flash drive, you can try the following two methods, namely:

1. Step by Step Restore When Lost Via Command Prompt

· Plug the Flashdisk into the USB Port on the computer

· click the button with the Windows logo on the keyboard and press the letter R

· Next will appear the words Run, you can type Cmd in the column provided. This step is done in order to open the Command Prompt window.

· Then type ‘chkdsk H: /f’ then click ‘Enter’

· Continue to write the Y symbol and click Enter again

· Type the letter H or USB location in Explorer click enter

· Don’t forget to type ‘H:>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*’ and wait until the process is complete

· When the process has been completed, then the flash will automatically display files that have been previously deleted.

Keep in mind, the possibility of this step is quite complicated alias troublesome for you. Especially for a beginner and a layman with the world of flash disks. But, indeed a large percentage of the data will come back again. What must be ensured is to replace the letter ‘H’ with the details of the location of the flash you have. For information, you can also use this method to restore lost files on an SD Card or External Hard Drive

2. Restore Lost Data With Application

The second method is considered more practical. Although there are many free methods, the use of paid applications is considered more effective and efficient. The reason is, you don’t need to be complicated when you have to apply the steps. Here are the details;

· Install the application that you will use, such as Pandora Recovery

· Plug the flash drive into the computer’s USB port

· Operate the app

· select area or USB location

· click the box with the symbol Scan or Recover

· And wait for the process to finish

Like the first step, after the process is complete, your flash drive will display data or files that were previously lost. Well, you can directly access this data again.

So next good luck. Hopefully the lost data can be recovered. Thank you guys and don’t forget to read other articles.