200GB Quota SurpriseDeal Package Promo Starting from 100 Thousand

Telkomsel Promo SurpriseDeal, this time the admin heard that Telkomsel issued an internet package with a very large quota, namely the SurpriseDeal package with 200GB internet quota starting from 100 thousand rupiah

Activate #SurpriseDeal now and enjoy unlimited 24 hours of internet on the best network from Telkomsel! Telkomsel offers special data packages for prepaid (simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop) and postpaid (kartuHalo) customers with the following specifications:

The Telkomsel surprise deal package is identical to a large quota at a low price, the excess of this package can be used within 30 days and can be used on all 2G, 3G and 4G networks, and of course the SurpriseDeal package is a Regular / (24 Hour Flash) package without being shared. the quota,
or the main quota is a regular quota

In addition, the Telkomsel Surprise Deal internet quota can also be used to access any content. Yes, friends can browse, stream videos, music, socialize, chat, download, and so on.

What is Telkomsel SurpriseDeal Package

What is Telkomsel SurpriseDeal Package

The Telkomsel SurpriseDeal package is a promo package from Telkomsel for certain customers who meet the requirements to get this package, the SurpriseDeal package is very cheap and has a large enough quota.

Who can get the SurpriseDeal Package

Customers only get a package offer that is equal to or higher than the usage in the previous month

  • Prepaid customers with the previous month’s usage of Rp210,000 will only get a 130GB and 200GB quota package offer.
  • Prepaid customers with the previous month’s usage of IDR 70,000 will get 50GB, 70GB, 100GB, 130GB, and 200GB packages.

Telkomsel SurpriseDeal promo package price

Telkomsel SurpriseDeal promo package price

The lowest price of the #SurpriseDeal package issued on July 22, 2020 is 100K with 50GB Quota.

Here are 5 surprise deal internet packages that you can buy today:

  • SurpriseDeal 50GB for IDR 100,000
  • SurpriseDeal 70GB for IDR 150,000
  • SurpriseDeal 100GB for IDR 200,000
  • SurpriseDeal 130GB for IDR 250,000
  • SurpriseDeal 200GB for IDR 300,000

with the package’s active period of the five surprise deal packages that I mentioned above is the same, which is 30 days.

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How to Buy Telkomsel SurpriseDeal Package on My Telkomsel

make sure you have filled in at least 100 thousand to buy the SurpriseDeal package

  • Open My Telkomsel App
  • Please login with your telkomsel cellphone number
  • after successful login look for Last From Telkomsel
  • then select there is #SupriceDeal Is back
  • Choose the SurpriseDeal package as you wish
  • Then press Buy to buy the package

wait a few seconds until the process is successful, until you get an sms informing that the Telkomsel SurpriseDeal package has been active

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if it’s not clear and you’re still confused about buying the SurpriseDeal package, you canAsk in the comments column or you can directly ask veronika telkomsel or the official telkomsel call center