3 Blogging Performance Optimizer Android Apps

3 Blogging Performance Optimizer Android Apps


Writing is an activity that is now quite loved by many people, both young and old. What I mean by writing here is writing on a personal blog, whether it’s a blog that contains tips and tricks, literature, or discussing technology. Here are 3 applications that can optimize our performance as blog writers

1. Speech to text

You can use this android application download on playstore and it’s free We can write long scripts just by using this application. This android application works by changing the sound that we produce and then processing it and issuing it in the form of text

By using this application we can make a script while lying in our room. This application is also very suitable for writers who do not have a laptop or PC but are chasing visitors on their blogs by continuously updating articles.

In using this application we really have to pay attention and improve our articulation, wrong pronunciation will result in wrong output too.

2. Canva

No need to use Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw if you want to create designs, be it logos, banners, CVs, etc., with the Canva application, all these tasks can be done. In this android application, there are various kinds of templates, both premium and free, that we can access easily so that blogging work can be done effectively. Complete isn’t it.

This android application is easy to use because of its simple appearance For those of you who are just learning to design this application, this one is highly recommended for you.

3. WPS Office

This android application that can be downloaded on the google play store is used to type scripts. Yes, a kind of Microsoft Word on a PC. However, this application is in mobile form apart from the PC version. It doesn’t take long to open a laptop if you want to edit or write our blog script, just with an android phone without the need to waste time and place again to open a laptop. There are various features in this application apart from typing and editing scripts in it there are also excel, power point features, and can open pdf files or convert pdf files to word and vice versa. In addition, we can put a signature on this application so there is no need to print out and scan again the files we want to send.

That’s earlier 3 android applications that can optimize our performance as a blogger. These apps are free and easy to use. Happy blogging.

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