3 Lag-busting Tweaks For Android That Are Easy To Install

3 Lag-busting Tweaks For Android That Are Easy To Install

3 Lag-busting Tweaks For Android That Are Easy To Install – Lag, lag, lag, lag, lag, lag, lag, lag, and lag is one of the problems that is often experienced by everyone, especially young people.

Where at this time makes smartphones especially the Android operating system a “tool” to facilitate their activities, for example, such as making assignments given at school, taking photos of information and many more positive impacts given by this Android smartphone.

But there are so many benefits that have been provided by the Android smartphone.

It does not escape from its shortcomings, namely, the Android operating system often experiences what is called “lag”.

For those who don’t know what lag is? Lag is an event when our android phone hangs or slows down when we use it.

That’s more or less the meaning of the lag that I know.

Well.. For fix lag on android, this time I will give 3 ways by using a tweak that makes your android phone not slow and reduces the lag,

The name of the lag must always be there either on a computer or an Android smartphone, but by using these 3 lag-busting tweaks for Android.

However, the lag that occurs on our Android phones can be further reduced with the following tweaks.

3 Easy Lag-busting Tweaks For Android

1. Tweak L Speed

As I explained in the article 6 Most Popular Tweak Sets for Android, this tweak is one of the tweaks I recommend to install on your cellphone.

Because this tweak is based on the application that you download on the play store. So that people who want to enjoy this tweak do not get an error in the installation.

And also the L Speed ​​application is very easy to operate, because in this application, you can set the tweaks to suit your needs without having to enter recovery mode.

2. Ultimate Performance Tweak

Is your android phone lagging or slow?

Well.. by installing this ultimate performance tweak, you will no longer experience lag or slowness on your android

Because as the name implies, this tweak is specifically for you, so that your Android phone is not slow and lags anymore.

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The installation method is also quite easy, you only need to download this ultimate performance tweak and after that make sure you have a custom recovery mode.

If you haven’t, you can follow the stories that have been circulating on Google, If you have entered the custom recovery mode / CWM / TWRP and many more.

Then you just flash the tweak and just reboot your android phone. done

3. Tweak HEBF

HEBF is an application similar to L-Speed ​​tweaks.

Why similar? Because this tweak is a tweak application like Tweak L Speed, but the difference is that this HEBF excels in the field of performance which is suitable for those of you who have an Android phone. Which has middle to lower specifications.

In this HEBF application, there are already many lists of tweaks available in this application, for example,

  • Performance Tweaks
  • Battery Saver
  • AdBlocker
  • Fast Boot
  • Multitasking Tweak

And many more tweaks are available in this HEBF Tweak application.

That’s all 3 Lag Eraser Tweaks for Android that are Easy to Install, hopefully it can be useful for all friends and Android users who want their Android to avoid lag can use this tweak that I share. Thank you for visiting this blog.