3+ Latest Telkomsel Kemendikbud Kouta Config Auto Connect

Ministry of Education and Culture config, this time I will give some configs that can be used for the Ministry of Education and Culture Quota on the Telkomsel card, with this config you can change the Ministry of Education and Culture quota to Regular Quota on the Telkomsel card

The Ministry of Education and Culture itself uses two types of quotas in internet quota subsidies for students, teachers, students and lecturers. The quotas received are in the form of general quotas and study quotas, the Ministry of Education and Culture gives us a free internet quota of 20 GB for PAUD students, 35 GB for elementary/middle school and 50 GB for students and lecturers.

if the Kemendikbud quota can only be used to access various e-learning sites, video conferences, etc., with the Kemendikbud config that I will share you can access all sites such as Chatting, Broswing, Social media etc.

I share some configs for some popular Tunnel applications like Http injector, Kpn tunnel and Htp Custom

What is the Kemendikbud Telkomsel Config

Kemendikbud config is a configuration or can be called a setting that is used for certain applications so that it can work properly,

config requires a Kemendikbud BUG to be able to access an internet line specifically with a Private VPN network

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Features Config . Features

There are so many features that you can get if you use the Kemendikbud Telkomsel Config, including the following:

  1. Full Unlock SSH
  2. Unlimited Speed
  3. No FUP Limits
  4. Support and assistance from Admin
  5. NO Expired Config

3+ Latest Telkomsel Kemendikbud Quota Config

3+ Latest Telkomsel Kemendikbud Quota Config

but before that you need to create an SSH account on the Hidessh Website to get a Premium SSH Account for Free with Maximum speed without any quota and speed limits, because we use quality servers

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The latest Telkomsel Kemendikbud config

You can download some Kemendikbud configs for some applications below

Http Injector | KPN Tunnel | Http Custom

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then you can import the config by doing the tutorial below

  1. Open the App HTTP Injector
  2. Click the 3 dots icon in the top right corner.
  3. Click Config then tap Import config.
  4. Select the HTTP Injector learning quota config that you have downloaded.
  5. Tap the button START after the connection request appears click OK.
  6. Wait until it connects, marked by the appearance of the VPN icon at the top of the screen

If you want to get a very fast speed, you can continue the SSH configuration that you made from the HideSSH site, read the article below

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So if you still don’t understand or it’s not clear, you can comment below or contact the admin directly, those are some ways to easily change the Telkomsel Kemendikbud quota to a Telkomsel regular quota.