3 Quick Ways to Find a Lost Cellphone Even When It’s Dead, Don’t Worry!

how to track a lost cellphone

How to quickly find a lost cellphone in a dead state – Entering an increasingly developing era, the existence of smartphones can no longer be rejected or eliminated. In fact, almost everyone may have considered that a cellphone is a very important primary need.

Because that’s why a lot of people rely heavily on cell phones. In fact, some people cannot travel without carrying their cellphone. So they don’t realize that that’s what actually makes the risk of losing HP even greater.

And the worst part is when the cellphone is lost and it’s dead, many people don’t realize that in fact they still have hope of finding their cellphone. Do you already know how? If not, then below are several ways to find a lost cellphone even when it’s dead.

How to quickly find a lost cellphone in a dead state

1. Track using Google Maps

how to track cell phone with google maps

One powerful way to find a lost cellphone even if it is turned off is to use Google Maps. However, what must be underlined is that this first method will work if you have activated the Location History feature before your cellphone is lost.

Given that usually smartphones have synergies with email, so all the information on your cellphone will be recorded in full on Google Maps. And the most important thing is the Location History feature which has a function that can tell where a person’s last position was when his cellphone was connected to an internet connection.

To use this method, you can follow the steps below.

  • First, open the Google Maps application on another phone and select the 3 line icon in the upper left corner.
  • Second, try to enter the lost phone account by selecting the ‘Add Account’ option.
  • Third, select the hamburger icon again, then tap ‘Your Timeline’ to start tracking.
  • Fourth, press the calendar icon in order to find out the location of the lost cellphone in a matter of days.

This first method is recognized as very effective for finding lost HP in a dead state. The data function on Google Maps plays an important role in finding a lost phone.

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2. Tracking by using IMEI Number

how to track cell phone using IMEI number

As is well known that the IMEI number in a smartphone is a very important thing. It’s so important, you have to make a copy of it on paper or anywhere you might need it most someday.

To use this second method, you can follow the steps below. Just check it out, ok?

  • First, try tracking the phone by using the IMEI number.
  • Second, dial *#06# to find out your phone’s IMEI number.
  • Third, Install the IMEI tracker application on your cellphone.
  • Fourth, activate sound notifications so that later when the phone is turned on, Google Location will start tracking the whereabouts of your cellphone, and of course the smartphone will ring when contacted.

However, don’t forget to call your number when you are close to the finder or ‘carrier’ of your cell phone. Because the method above will be in vain if you contact him when he is far away. It could be that your cellphone has been taken by an irresponsible person.

3. Using Google Android Device Manager

how to track ho with android device manager

In addition to using Google Maps and using the IMEI number, you can also use another method by using the Android Device Manager on your cellphone. Although many people are not aware of this third method, there are already many people who have proven it directly and effectively to find a cell phone even when it is turned off.

Well, to use Device Manager on Android, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step, visit the official website first.
  • Second, do the registration and registration of the Gmail account that you have.
  • Third, select the “Find my device” section.

How? It’s easy isn’t it? If you have done some of the steps above, then when your phone is on, its whereabouts can be known in detail. However, don’t forget to do it repeatedly in order for your phone to provide a more detailed location.

That’s an explanation of 3 quick ways to find a lost cellphone even when it’s dead. The importance of data in a cellphone requires you to know some of the ways above so that all data in your cellphone can be secured.