3 Ways to Buy Telkomsel Card Combo Haji Promo Package

Hajj Packages, hello friends, this time I will provide information about Hajj combo packages, this package consists of Internet packages, SMS packages, Call packages and Roaming packages, you can get all these packages

With the Telkomsel Hajj combo promo package, you don’t need to change your number or change your number to a Saudi Arabian number, you can still establish friendship and communicate with your family at home using the Telkomsel Hajj package.

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik, labbaika la syarika laka labbaik inna al hamda wa an ni’mata laka wa al mulk la syarika laka humming the pilgrims. Quiet Worship in the Holy Land with Hajj Promo Packages

With this Hajj package you don’t have to worry and worry about not being able to communicate with your family at home, or afraid to call and sms but the costs are very expensive, you just buy the Telkomsel Hajj package then all your problems will be resolved

there are 3 ways that you can do and use to buy the Telkomsel Hajj Combo package between them via the application My Telkomsel, Dial UMB for Hajj Packages and Call Center / Cs Telkomsel

What is Telkomsel Hajj Combo Package?

Telkomsel Hajj combo package is a combination of Internet packages, SMS packages and special telephone packages for Hajj pilgrims, This package will help you to communicate with your family in Indonesia, without having to change your phone number

Hajj Combo Package Terms and Conditions

  • Rates include tax.
  • Valid for all Telkomsel customers.
  • Packages can be activated from Indonesia or while in Saudi Arabia via *266*15# or the MyTelkomsel application.
  • Customers can activate directly or buy (gift) and reserve the desired package.
  • The package is valid for all operators in Saudi Arabia.
  • Non-Package Tariff Terms and Conditions
  • Rates include tax.
  • Tariffs apply to all Telkomsel customers (kartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop).
  • Tariffs apply to all carriers of Saudi Arabia destination countries.
  • The unit of time for telephone service and telephone reception is 60 seconds.
  • MMS follows GPRS tariff with minimum internet access per 10Kb.
  • Calculation of usage per day will be repeated from Rp0 at 00:00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB).

The advantages of the Telkomsel Hajj combo package

there are so many advantages and disadvantages if you have purchased the Telkomsel card Hajj combo package,

including assisting you in managing Services, billing and Communications for more details below

Convenient to communicate with the widest network coverage and the strongest signal from Telkomsel which is supported by all Saudi Arabian operators from STC, ETISALAT, to ZAIN.

The only Indonesian cellular operator with customer service centers in Mecca & Medina. Free GraPARI, UMB, and Call Center services provide maximum assistance for you.

Controlled daily internet usage, even if you forget to activate your overseas package.

Telkomsel Hajj Combo Package Price

the details are the price of the Hajj combo package and the specifications for the Hajj combo package

if you buy a hajj combo package then you get a phone, internet and sms package as below

  • The 20 Day Combo Package includes 7 GB internet quota, 50 SMS, and 50 minutes voice call, the price is IDR 550 thousand.
  • The 30 Day Combo Package includes 11 GB internet quota, 80 SMS and 80 minutes voice call, the price is IDR 750 thousand.
  • The 40 Day Combo Package includes 15 GB internet quota, 120 SMS and 120 minutes voice call, the price is IDR 940 thousand.

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Complete Tutorial How to Buy Telkomsel Card Combo Hajj Promo Package

How to Buy Telkomsel Card Combo Haji Promo Package

How to activate the Hajj Combo package via MyTelkomsel

  • Open the MyTelkomsel App
  • Then Login Using Your Mobile Number
  • then check the sms, press the link, open it with the My Telkomsel application
  • After successful login, click the ‘Buy Package’ button on the MyTelkomsel application home page.
  • Buy Hajj Promo Packages
  • Go to the Shopping page and click the ‘Overseas’ button.
  • Find the Hajj Promo package according to your wishes
  • Then click ‘Buy’. to buy the hajj package

Purchase Successful! you will get a purchase notification and make sure the package is active before use.

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How to activate the Hajj Combo package via Dia UMB

  • Open Phone App
  • Then press Dial UMB : *266*15#.
  • Then select “1. Hajj Packages”.
  • Select the desired Hajj Promo package.
  • Confirm the transaction by selecting “1. Buy”.

Your request will be processed and you will receive a package purchase notification.

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That’s information about Hajj packages and how to buy Telkomsel Hajj Combo Packages. If you find it difficult when buying Hajj packages, you can ask Telkomsel CS or wa admin for help.

Thank you reading