3 Ways to Know Your Phone is Tapped and How to Prevent It

3 Ways to Know Your Phone is Tapped and How to Prevent It


Remember the wiretapping case that happened to the Indonesian President by the Australian intelligence agency? Well, it turns out that it’s not just the country’s leaders, you know, who can be tapped. The cellphones of ordinary people like us can also be tapped, you know.

Mobile Characteristics bugged

Before discussing how to find out if a cellphone has been tapped, there are several characteristics that you need to know that cellphones are you are being bugged.

Its characteristics are as follows:

· Even if you don’t use it, your smartphone’s temperature will warm up

· Cellphone trap makes a strange sound even though it’s not in use

· Conversations via WA or other chat applications already have a read status even though you haven’t read it

· When calling, cellphone making a strange sound

· Internet quota runs out quickly even though it is rarely used

· Data usage reports increased sharply

· The mobile device cannot be shut down or it could be that the process of turning off the device takes longer than usual.

· Constantly receiving messages containing numbers, symbols, or some characters that are random and cannot be read at all.

· cell phone battery run out faster

How to prevent cell phone tapping

Now, after discussing how to find out if your cellphone has been tapped, then we also have to discuss how to prevent cell phone tapping the.

There are 3 ways you can do to stop eavesdropping:

· Flex Shield

· GSM Secure

· Fortress SM

1 How to Prevent Wiretapping with Flexi Shield

Flexi Shield is a smartphone application that can protect SMS, Email, and other phone activities. This application requires a personal password that is used to prevent others from accessing the cellphone that you have.

Flexi Shield can also block suspicious numbers. Especially unknown numbers that are not in the phone book.

2. How to Prevent Wiretapping with Secure GSM

It was created especially for phones that have Windows Mobile base. This application has a verification code that must be the same between the caller and the recipient of the phone. This can prevent someone from entering the phone network that you are using illegally.

3 How to prevent eavesdropping with Fortress SMS

You can also download this application to secure the connection on your cellphone. Usually, this application is used to prevent eavesdropping via SMS or Email. So, this application will protect incoming and outgoing SMS and Emails and will give the application a password.

In addition, when you send a message, the SMS or Email will be automatically assigned a password. So to make this application work properly, it must use SMS fortress as well. Pretty interesting and safe, right?

Soo to be careful is also very influential and stay alert to whatever is going on. Hopefully useful and see you later.