3 Ways to Transfer Files Using Teamviewer

There are three ways to transfer files between computers using the TeamViewer application, namely by copy-pasting, drag and drop and through the File transfer feature.

For those who don’t know, in short, Teamviewer is a useful application for remotely controlling a computer using an internet connection. You can download the TeamViewer application via the following link https://www.teamviewer.com/en/

Transfer files by copy paste and drag and drop

1. Pada Control Remote Computer enter the ID > Select Remote Control > Connect > Enter Password Target computer TeamViewer > Then Logon.

2. After successfully remotely targeting the target computer, to copy files from your computer to the target computer, simply copy paste or drag and drop.

Transfer files via file transfer

1. On Remote Computer Control select File transfer then click Connect.

2. Select the file on your computer then specify the storage location on the target computer, then click Send to send the file from your computer to the target computer. Conversely, if you want to move the file to your computer, click Receive.

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