4 Examples of Short Historical Fairy Tales and Their Structures (5W1h)

Example of a short historical story text and its structure – Historical fairy tale text is a text that contains fairy tales that have happened in the past. The definition of a historical fairy tale text based on the greats is a text that contains an explanation of the facts that have occurred in the past, as long as the invitation to the fairy tale contains historical elements. Elements of historical fairy tales themselves consist of orientation, sequence of incidents and closed with reorientation.

Just like the types of texts in Indonesian in general, historical story texts also have linguistic rules, namely having pronouns, words that can show events and temporal conjunctions. While the reference text of historical stories can be found in everyday life, even more so at the school level.

In compiling this historical fairy tale text reference, we must also pay attention to linguistic rules, namely 5W1H which includes why, when, where, what, who, and how. The 5W and 1H rules function so that the historical tales contained in this text contain complete and uninterrupted information. Not only that, because the reference to this historical story text is factual, we must also include the source from which we quote this story.

Examples of historical fairy tale texts that are most commonly encountered are when we are visiting museums or ancient heritage tours which in fact are historical places. Generally, in this historical story text reference, we will find a description of the incident from the beginning of the history to the end by reaffirming why the incident can be considered as history.

4 Examples of Short Historical Story Texts

In this article, we will discuss about historical fairy tale references and their structure. Basically this type of text is very easy to find in our lives, both at school and when we are on vacation. Without realizing it, when we are listening or reading historical descriptions of a place or incident, we actually read the reference to the historical fairy tale text. Alright, let’s just go directly to the discussion of the short historical fairy tale reference below.

Example of Historical Story Text About Internet Technology


The internet is a computer network that was originally created by the United States Department of Defense in 1969. The beginning of the creation of the internet was for military purposes. With a UNIX-based operating system, they demonstrated and tested hardware and software to communicate over long distances beyond the reach of a telephone line.

This ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) demonstration and test covers network agility, network form, and transferability of information capacity. And it seems that after passing several tests the ARPANET became the standard for determining the development of a new protocol which we currently call the transmission control protocol / internet protocol (TCP / IP).

As mentioned above, the purpose of the creation of the internet was initially for military defense purposes only. At that time, the US defense department placed a number of computers in several vital points and connected them to the internet network to anticipate nuclear attacks and centralized information which incidentally was very easy to destroy if there was an attack.

Sequence of Events:

At first, the ARPANET only connected no more than 4 sites, namely the University of California, University of Utah, Stanford Research Institute, and Santa Barbara which at first they formed an integrated network around 1969 ago. Broadly speaking, the ARPANET was officially launched in October 1972, and not long after that this project experienced very rapid development throughout the region in the United States. This sparked the enthusiasm of various universities to join the ARPANET network to the point where the defense department was overwhelmed.

Therefore, to respond to this phenomenon, it seems that the Arpanet is separated and divided into two parts, namely the Milnet which regulates military purposes only and the new Arpanet with a smaller scale for non-military purposes such as for universities. The merging of these two systems seems to be called DARPA internet, but over time, the name seems to have been simplified to become internet only.


The use of the internet in this day and age is very important for many people. As a reference, school students can find and get information from various sources that they will not find in their school library. Communicate long-distance both within the environment of students with other students and students with teachers. All of the above can be done by accessing the internet.

History of the Creation of INSTAGRAM


Who is not familiar with Instagram, this application that functions to share photos and videos allows users to take photos, digital filters, add effects, and publish these photos to various types of social networks, including the Instagram network itself.

Instagram itself is formed from two main words, namely “insta” which means “instant” resembling a polaroid type camera that is closer is called an instant photo. And the word “grams“leads to the word”telegram” whose method or application is to send a certain amount of information to someone very quickly.

Sequence of Events:

Burbn, Inc., which is a technology start-up company that in fact only concentrates on developing and manufacturing mobile phone applications, was founded around 2010. At first Burbn, Inc. itself focused on deepening all the functions of the programming language, namely HTML5. But over time, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systorm as CEO of this company decided to focus on just one thing.

They have been trying for a week to come up with an idea that might be profitable. In the end, these two CEOs managed to create the first version of Instagram, but like the prototypes in general, the initial version of Instagram still has a lot of weaknesses in all its systems. After going through various stages of improving the Burbn (instagram) version, it seems that it can be tested using an iPhone device. However, it still feels like it has a lot of features that are not well categorized.

It was difficult for Kevin and Mike to rearrange all the existing features and start everything from scratch. Finally mike and kevin decided to focus only on photo features, commenting and liking photos only. This is the initial framework for the formation of the current Instagram social network.

In 2012, to be exact, on April 9, it was announced that a large amount of information, namely Facebook shares and ownership would be taken over by Mark Zuckerberg as the owner of Facebook, with cash and shares worth 1 billion dollars.


Instagram is currently in great demand both old and young. Easy use and features that seem sophisticated make Instagram more popular from year to year. With this Instagram social network, we can find out all the activities of our friends just by looking at their photos and videos.

Example of a Short History Text About Natural Disasters

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale has rocked the Province of Balukistan, (Pakistan). The earthquake that occurred around September 24, 2013 has an epicenter with a depth of about 23 kilometers and has claimed at least 500 more lives, 842 injured, and caused thousands of buildings to be severely damaged. In fact, this earthquake was also felt by residents of the Kzuhdar, Karachi, and Gwadar areas, which incidentally were hundreds of kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake.

In fact, this earthquake was so terrible that it could be felt as far as New Delhi, India. It was reported that a new island emerged hours after the earthquake off Pakistan’s Gwadar coast. It is suspected that the island could have been formed from a collection of layers of soil in a mud crater with a height of 19 meters, a length of 35 meters and a width of about 80 meters. Not long after the earthquake, five days later, the province was hit again by an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale.

The epicenter this time came from 96 kilometers in the northeast of the Awaran and had a depth of about 14 kilometers. The death toll recorded in this tragedy reached 23 people, not only that this second earthquake also caused tens of thousands of houses and buildings to be destroyed. Various rescues have been carried out, but they are still hampered by damage and the lack of existing infrastructure. plus the location of the victims are far from each other from one city to another. Rescue and rescue teams also have to risk their lives by dealing with separatist groups in the region.

That’s an example of a short historical story text and its structure that I can convey this time. This example of a fairy tale text is basically very easy to remember and identify by looking at linguistic rules and its elements. If the reference text contains a historical story, it can be ascertained that the text is a historical story reference. Thank you.