4 Smartphones With Nearly Bezel-less Widescreens 2017

Currently, apart from the camera, the screen on the smartphone is also the prima donna of the smartphone itself. With a quality screen and a wide size, the smartphone makes people comfortable using it, especially for surfing the virtual world, social media, watching videos and games.

Now, there is also a trend for smartphones with wide screens that reduce the screen boundaries or now called almost bezel-less. Smartphones that follow this trend are often called bezel-less smartphones. This almost bezel-less smartphone is in great demand by people today because the smartphone looks more luxurious and elegant, not to mention the curved technology screen.

In 2017, several smartphones with thin bezels began to be widely marketed. Now, any smartphone that currently has an almost bezel-less screen, let’s look at some of our reviews below, maybe you will be interested in buying one of the smartphones below. Immediately, let’s see the review.

1. Galaxy S8

The latest smartphone made by Samsung is a smartphone that is very luxuriously designed. The smartphone is called the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the successor of the Samsung S7. This large 5.8-inch screen does have a very fantastic screen. On the left and right have been curved and almost bezel again. Then at the top it is also not as wide as ordinary smartphones. This smartphone with Nougat OS is priced at 10.5 million.

2. Xiaomi Mi Mix

Smartphone output from Xiaomi with a large screen is quite attention-grabbing. The cool design of this smartphone makes people want to immediately ask for a smartphone with 4 and 6 GB of RAM with a Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 chipset. At the top of the screen, the left and right sides are almost bezel-less even though at the bottom there is still a wide bezel. This smartphone is not much. produced because according to CEO Lei Jun its manufacture is quite difficult. This smartphone is also priced up to 14 million.

3. Elephone S3

This smartphone may be less familiar to the ears of smartphone users, but a smartphone that has a thin bezel is categorized as a smartphone with a luxurious look but at a cheaper price. Elephone S3 is indeed designed with a very cool display with a thin 3D design screen. Reportedly, a smartphone with an Octa Core 1.3GHz chipset, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory is sold at a price of 2.2 million.

4. Sharp Corner R

Sharp has released a smartphone with a screen that has thinner bezels than its predecessor, the Sharp Aquos Crystal. The smartphone is named Sharp Corner R. Sharp also does have a role in smartphones with thin bezels, one of which is the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone that we discussed earlier. The Sharp Corner R has a 5.2-inch screen with an IGZO-type FHD resolution. This smartphone is priced around 4 million.

5. ZTE Nubia My PRAGUE Elite 4G

Even though it was launched in 2015, the ZTE Nubie My PRAGUE Elite 4G smartphone is still worthy of consideration in 2017 as a bezel-less smartphone. The bezels on the left and right of the smartphone screen are almost non-existent, but the top and bottom bezels still look wide like ordinary smartphones, but that doesn’t reduce the luxury of this smartphone. This smartphone with 3 RAM and 615 Octa Core chipset is priced at 5 million.

So that’s some smartphones with wide screens with almost no bezels. Anyone interested in asking for the 5 smartphones above?