5+ Benefits of Carrying a Powerbank When Traveling

Traveling at home and abroad is both fun and quite challenging, this is because people have to choose the right equipment to be useful while in a tourist spot.

One of the equipment that is considered appropriate to carry is a power bank. This tool makes smartphone battery power last longer so you can use it for a long time.

Powerbank has indeed become a commonly used tool and you can get the best powerbank recommendations from the BestSpy article. However, many people are not aware that this tool has many benefits that are used in everyday life, especially when traveling.

Benefits of Bringing a Powerbank When Traveling

Benefits of Bringing a Powerbank When Traveling

For more details, this article will discuss 5 benefits of carrying a powerbank when traveling. Some of them are:

  • 1. Make Smartphone Battery Power Still Sufficient

The absolute thing why you should bring a power bank when traveling is because a power bank can help you charge the battery anytime and anywhere. If you are on a trip or are traveling, you will avoid feeling anxious due to lack of power and make you calmer when traveling.

Sufficient battery power on your smartphone will make it easier for you to connect with friends and family so you can upload exotic places you visit.

  • 2. Turn on Emergency Lights at Night

Sometimes you will visit a tourist spot that requires lighting to be able to travel at night. If you bring a power bank when traveling, you can use it as an emergency light.

One type of lamp that you can carry is a USB lamp. This lamp can be connected to a power bank and has a variety of colors. With this USB light, you will feel safer when traveling or camping at night more safely.

Now you don’t have to bother to be able to turn on the laptop anywhere and anytime, because the power bank is able to charge the laptop battery when there is no reliable electric current source.

Laptops are very useful when traveling. The goals can vary whether it’s writing a blog, working on a task at a critical time or a task that can be done remotely. To connect a laptop with a power bank, make sure you have a USB port cable that is compatible with the laptop device you have.

  • 4. Help Turn On Important Electronic Devices

Maybe there are some electronics that you bring when traveling, one of which is an electronic beauty tool. With a power bank, you can turn on or turn on electronic beauty equipment more easily.

Beauty tools are things that must be carried so that they still look attractive when traveling, especially when posted on social media. In addition, this tool can also be used flexibly and does not take up much space.

There are many beauty tools that you can take with you when traveling, some of which are a vise, cleaning brush, or acne vacuum cleaner. In addition to beauty tools, you can also connect a power bank with other functions such as charging a digital camera which makes your trip easier.

  • 5. Turn on the Wifi Modem Whenever and Wherever

You can share Wifi networks on various gadgets or computers with a power bank. When your data package is running low, the presence of a modem can be an internet signal transmitter so you stay connected with relatives and social media when traveling through the gadgets or laptops you have.

The presence of Wifi from the modem can be a help in an emergency. In essence, a power bank is an important tool in order to be able to charge and power various important devices needed.


After knowing the various benefits of a power bank when traveling, you also have to know what are the tips for choosing the right power bank when traveling.

Some things to consider is choosing a power bank with a large capacity. It is true that large capacity powerbanks are more expensive in the market. But with a large capacity, of course you can charge or turn on the device more comfortably.

In addition, other tips are to ensure that the power bank does not have power above 160 Wh. This is because the powerbank may be confiscated by flight attendants, arguing that the powerbank can trigger an explosion when it is at an altitude above 3000 feet.

Those are 5 benefits of carrying a powerbank when traveling, hopefully you can enjoy your trip to the fullest because you have a reliable powerbank when traveling.