5 Easy Ways to See Laptop Processors

The processor is a very important component of a computer or laptop. This section has a very vital role to show the limitations of the device’s performance. So it will be very important to look at the processor on the device you have. The following is a summary of how to easily see a laptop processor.

5 Easy Ways to See Laptop Processors

Please note that these methods can be done easily without the addition of other devices. But there may be a number of ways that use the help of additional applications. But don’t worry, these methods are quite easy to apply.

1. Accessing CPU-Z

The first discussion for how to easily see a laptop processor is to use the CPU-Z application. This application is a software that is very commonly used to check laptop specifications. The file size of this application is small enough so that it does not burden the laptop when used or installed.

Then how to use it is also quite easy. Users can directly download this application and install it on a laptop. After that, this software will automatically detect the contents in the laptop, be it the processor, RAM and many other components. so that it will show the actual conditions in the specifications of the device.

2. Using DXDIAG

Another software that can be used to check the processor is the DXDIAG software. The official name of this software is DirectX Diagnostic Tool. DXDIAG is actually a Windows default software that is used to see the specifications of a device.

To access information from DXDIAG is quite easy, users can type ‘dxdiag’ in the search field in the start menu bar. Or you can also use a shortcut by pressing Windows + R until the Run window appears. After that enter ‘dxdiag’ then press enter. Then a number of information related to laptop specifications will appear. Of course, including information related to the processor on the laptop.

3. TuneUp Utilities

The next auxiliary application that can also be used to view the processor is TuneUp Utilities. The use of this application is generally more used to maintain the device. So they can share information about laptop specifications such as RAM and processor.

How to use it is easy, namely by installing it then there will be information related to the device and also how to take care of it. this application can also be used to help a problematic Touchpad.

4. Advanced System Care

As the name implies, this application also has the main function as System care. Where there are many uses for the maintenance function [ada perangkat. Pada aplikasi ini akan ada menu info. Adapun di dalamnya terkandung informasi terkait perangkat tersebut.

Namun aplikasi ini punya kekurangan yang cukup penting. Yaitu file unduh serta ruang yang cukup besar. Sehingga perlu diperhatikan ketersediaan ruang penyimpanan pada perangkat untuk menggunakan aplikasi ini.

5. Menggunakan Terminal

Pembahasan diatas banyak menjelaskan software atau aplikasi bawaan dari Windows. Cara ini memberikan penjelasan untuk sistem operasi Linux. Yaitu menggunakan bantuan software bawaan Linux yaitu terminal. Software bawaan ini akan bekerja seperti CMD dan memberikan banyak informasi terkait apa saja isi dan spesifikasi sebenarnya dari laptop atau perangkat tersebut.

Cara penggunaan nya cukup mudah yaitu dengan mengetik perintah ‘sudo ihsw’. Selanjutnya akan muncul sejumlah informasi terkait isi laptop bahkan juga informasi tentang flashdisk yang tersambung pada laptop. Bisa dibilang cara kerja nya cukup mirip dengan software atau aplikasi yang lain. Namun software ini hanya ada di Linux.

Itulah sejumlah cara melihat prosesor laptop dengan mudah dan simpel. Kebanyakan cara diatas sudah difasilitasi dengan aplikasi atau software bawaan  yang ada pada perangkat. Silahkan mencoba cara diatas dan sesuaikan dengan perangkat yang digunakan. Selamat mencoba.