5 Steps to Connect Xiaomi with Mi Band

5 Steps to Connect Xiaomi with Mi Band


According to some reports, Mi Band 5 has partnered with Huami. This has been confirmed by the CEO of Huami. Namely, Wang Huang. In addition, the product will be launched on the market in June 2020. Because this is to be the same as its predecessors.

– Estimated price of Mi band 5

Popular with the best-selling brand in the world, this Mi Band 5 is priced at an affordable price, you know. Yep, when in China the price range of this product is around 179 Yuan or the equivalent of Rp. 354 thousand. But, for the international market the price may be higher.

– How to Use Mi Band

Having a small and sophisticated device is certainly really excited, right? But, already know how to use this mi band properly and correctly?

5 Steps to Connect Xiaomi with Mi Band i.e.

Although it looks easy, many people are often confused when connecting mi band with xiaomi. But, are you so too? Here are some steps you can take apply.

1. Download Mi band App

To activate the xiaomi mi band 5 feature, you can download the application. Without using this application your advanced mi band Turns out it was just an accessory. Therefore, you must install this application. For the record, the mi band app at least adopts the Android KitKat 4.4 system. While mi band for iPhone, iPod, iPad at least perched on the iOS 7.0 system or higher.

2. Sign Up

Do this step after you download the app. Just follow the steps provided there.

3. Fill in Information

Generally you will be asked to fill in a number of information points. Like; age, weight, height to the various goals you want get every day. Do this filling correctly, so that mi band feature is able to work optimally.

4. Bluetooth

This fourth step must be considered, yes you! When connecting mi band with your gadget, check and make sure everything is connected. Includes permission via bluetooth signal. When no, it’s the same with your mi band can only be used as an accessory bracelet only. Once connected or identified, don’t forget to click on the phone screen to sync. Choose the color that appears to continue the mi band connection with your gadget have. And your xiaomi mi band ready to perform!. It’s very easy not safe using Mi Band