5 Ways to Distinguish Genuine and Pirated Windows 10

Genuine Windows 10 and pirated ones have various differences. The most basic difference is the availability of support and assistance for genuine Windows users compared to pirated Windows who don’t get both.

Please note, pirated Windows 10 is Windows 10 that is illegally activated using an unofficial activator application to provide full Windows 10 features.

By default, Windows 10 can be downloaded and used for free but there will be an Activate Windows watermark and some features that cannot be used such as changing the desktop background. This deficiency is bypassed by unofficial activators to remove the watermark and users can use the full features of Windows 10 without having to buy a genuine license.

For information, you can download Windows 10 via the following link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

Even though using Windows 10 is illegal, most of its users still get Windows 10 system and security updates from Microsoft. Microsoft’s good move is not an absolute loss for Microsoft. The presence of ads on Windows 10 and the increasing number of Microsoft Store users will provide its own income.

For more details, here is how to distinguish genuine Windows 10 from pirated ones:

1. Microsoft Help and Support

Genuine Windows 10 will of course get Microsoft help and support via email or the official Microsoft portal. You can also backup and restore Windows 10. To find out if the Microsoft account you are using has genuine Windows 10, you can login and check through microsoft.com.

2. Check Via CMD

Type CMD in your Windows 10 search field, then enter. A black background CMD application window will appear. Type and then enter the following command:

slmgr /xpr

If it appears “The machine is permanently activated” most likely Windows 10 that you are using is genuine Windows.

3. Check Through System Properties

Right click on This PC then select Properties, the System page will open. At the bottom you can check the status of Windows whether it is activated or not. If it’s activated, it’s possible that the Windows 10 you’re using is genuine but needs to be re-traced whether the Product ID that appears is appropriate or not.

4. Check Through Activation Settings

Type Activation Settings in the Windows search field then press enter. The Activation window will appear. If there is a description of Windows is Activated, chances are your Windows is genuine.

5. Find an Illegal Activator Application

Maybe someone else has activated Windows 10 on your device illegally. You can search for illegal activator applications through the Windows search field, usually the name of the application is KMS Pico.

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