50 Examples of Invitation Sentences in Indonesian

50 Examples of Invitation Sentences in Indonesian – In Indonesian, there are several types of sentences. One of them is an invitation sentence. We often find invitation sentence patterns in everyday life. Even without realizing it we also use the sentence. What is an invitation sentence? Invitation sentence is one type of Indonesian sentence that has a function to describe the speaker’s aspirations so that the invitation or order is followed by someone. Although the invitation sentence has an aspect of command, it is different from the command sentence. In an invitation sentence, the command given does not have to be carried out but is more of an inviting nature.

Examples of Invitation Sentences in Indonesian 50 Examples of Invitation Sentences in Indonesian

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Command sentences are more likely to be done directly because there are commands that must be obeyed. As we know that invitation sentences have their own characteristics and patterns. Well on this occasion I will share some invitation sentence patterns in Indonesian. You can immediately see below.

50 Examples of Invitation Sentences in Indonesian

The invitation sentence contains a request or inducement to someone to do something at the same time. The sentence is an expansion sentence of the command sentence. Even so, the delivery method and its meaning are also different from the command sentence. Before I share some invitation sentence patterns, I will explain about the characteristics of invitation sentences first. Following the characteristics of the invitation sentence:

  1. The invitation sentence begins with the words “Come”, “Come”, “Yuk”, and so on.
  2. It contains the word “we”. That way the speaker intends to invite someone to do something at the same time.
  3. If more than one person is invited, use the plural personal pronoun. For example, partners, friends, friends, and so on.

Example Sentences of Invitation

In order for you to understand more about the invitation sentence, then I will share some invitation sentence patterns. Here’s the sentence pattern:

  • Let’s go to Krakal beach, Yogyakarta together for a vacation.
  • Let’s have dinner tonight at the cafe.
  • Let’s pray for his family to be given strength and patience.
  • Let’s clean up the school grounds together.
  • Let’s have car free day together next Sunday.
  • Let’s obey the traffic rules.
  • Let’s go to the mosque to pray together.
  • Let’s support our school’s basketball team to become champions.
  • Let’s give a birthday surprise to Mrs. Riska.
  • Let’s do group work at my house.
  • Let’s read in the library.
  • Let’s watch the latest The Conjuring in theaters.
  • Let’s sing together.
  • Let’s eat friends.
  • Let’s celebrate my birthday together.

Based on the invitation sentence pattern above, we can see that the sentence contains the characteristics of an invitation sentence. As we know that in it there are plural pronouns, we say, and contain invitation words such as Ayo, Mari and Yuk. Below are other invitation sentence patterns that I deliberately present to you.

  • Come on Saturday afternoon we study group together.
  • Let’s practice dancing together.
  • Friends, let’s go home together.
  • Let’s find a birthday present together.
  • Let’s finish this task well.
  • Let’s buy durian ice dawet in front of the school.
  • Let’s clean the classroom together.
  • Friends, let’s register at Senior High School 1 Malang.
  • Let’s have a tour with our respective parents so that the closeness of children and parents can be closer.
  • Friends, let’s join the camp organized by the school.
  • Let’s work together to get the job done quickly.
  • Let’s live this life sincerely.
  • How about we visit Ika together, come on.
  • Let’s have a group study at Seha’s house this afternoon.
  • Let’s take a tour of the 3D museum in Malang.
  • Let’s quickly finish this task together.
  • Let’s focus on studying for UNBK later.
  • Let’s pray that UNBK will run smoothly.
  • Let’s play at Ajeng’s house.
  • Let’s take Mom to the night market.
  • Let’s go to the mall together.
  • Let’s go to school together.
  • Let’s prepare the needs of the stage together.
  • Let’s go friends, let’s go together.
  • Let’s go home.
  • Let’s practice hygiene first so that the performance tomorrow goes smoothly.
  • Let us eat.

Those are some invitation sentence patterns in Indonesian that I can share. Invitation sentences contain words that invite such as Come on, Come on and so on. The word can be placed at the beginning of a sentence, in the middle of a sentence or at the end of a sentence. Hopefully this article can be useful. Thank you.

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