5MP 25fps IP Camera POE SONY Sensor Security CCTV Cam H.265 Indoor Outdoor Audio Video Surveillance Onvif D2M5S G.Craftsman

5MP 25fps IP Camera POE SONY Sensor Security CCTV Cam H.265 Indoor Outdoor Audio Video Surveillance Onvif D2M5S G.Craftsman

Price: 75.80 - 50.79

SONY IMX335 Sensor

New H.265 Compression Technique

Lower Bandwidth
Less Storage Space
Better Image Quality

Remote Viewing, Anytime, Anywhere

No matter where you are, you can remotely access the security camera to see live streaming and stay connected.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage are available
Much safer




What is Included

5MP POE Camera *1
Screw *1
Waterproof connector *1
User Manual &CD (Online)*1

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why can't I open the default IP address via web browser?
The camera is working in DHCP mode by default, it will obtain the IP settings from router automatically . Please install the IP search tool to find the camera'sIP address. Camera IP address will be if no router in the LAN.

2.How to reset the password?
The default Username: admin, Password: 123456. If you lost the password or would to reset the camera's setting, please install the search tool to search the camera IP and click Reset factory button.

3.How to upgrade the IP camera?
1)Ask the supplier for the suitable firmware, 2) you can use the web browser, search tool, or PC client to upgrade the camera, 3) go to the Configuration > System > update, click browse and select the firmware, then click Upgrade button and wait for the operation to complete.

4.How to fetch the RTSP video stream and http snapshot?
1)VLC test Main Stream: rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/stream0
2)VLC test Sub Stream: rtsp://admin:[email protected] IP:554/stream1
3)Low resolution snapshot: http://IP/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?stream=1
4)HD snapshot : http://IP/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?stream=0 (some models support)

5.Why does the NVR not show image after adding IP camera?
1)Make sure you selected the right protocol and enter the correct username and password when adding the cameras
2)Make sure the NVR and IP camera are the same IP subnet.(eg.NVR:192.168.1 .x, and IP camera:192.168.1.y)
3)Try changing the camera encode mode to H.264 if the NVR can't support H.265. (Configuration -> Camera -> Video > Encode mode: H.264)

6.How to make the NVR record in motion detection mode?
1)add the IP camera via ONVIF protocol
2)change the NVR record mode to Motion Detection mode
3)check the NVR screen MD icon and try playback Please refer to your NVR manual for NVR motion record option.

7.Which kinds of third-party security software can be compatible with?Milestone, Avigilon, Pel co VxToolbox, Blue Iris, iSpy, Synology, Digifort