6 Best Camera Application Recommendations for Your Android Phone

6 Best Camera Application Recommendations for Your Android Phone

Best Camera Applications – At this time, most people already have smartphones that run the Android operating system to support their needs. Whether it’s for social media or just communicating via phone or sms. Why is that? because, Android smartphones are very comfortable to use and easy to operate. In addition, by using an Android-based smartphone, you don’t need to buy a camera anymore.

Because, today’s Android smartphones already have camera specifications that are capable enough to capture a certain moment in all of our lives. But, is the Best Camera Application on your smartphone as good as a DSLR camera?

To be able to compensate for a DSLR camera, our Android should have installed third-party applications to maximize the performance of the camera. But maybe there are still many android users who don’t know about these camera applications, well.. that’s why I will share These 6 Apps Make a DSLR Equivalent Android Camera.

6 Best Camera Application Recommendations for Your Android Phone

1# Camera App Camera FV-5

Using Android is good because we are all free to set our Android camera, such as ISO, shutter speed and others. But it would be more if we use the best Android camera application that deserves to be our main camera, namely Camera FV-5.

This application developed by FGAE has many features that we need to become reliable mobile photographers in terms of photography, this application has many features. Starting from exposure settings, light size, iso, focus, aperture and many others. And Camera FV-5 is also designed to run as close as possible to a DSLR camera.

2# Camera App Google Camera

Another camera application with features such as a DSLR camera is this application made by Google, namely Google Camera. This application developed by Google can easily and quickly produce amazing photos that are usually created by DSLR cameras such as Lens Blur, Photo Sphere, and Panorama.

The features provided by Google Camera are also abundant, such as Photo Sphere which has the ability to take 360-degree images, but unfortunately to be able to produce 360-degree images we have to take more than 1 photo which is then combined into a 360-degree image, Lens Blur which will make a photo have a depth-of-field like a DSLR camera, a viewfinder with a maximum resolution of the Android smartphone sensor you are using.

3# Camera App Camera 360

Who doesn’t know this Android camera application? Yes, a camera application with a DSLR feature called Camera 360 is a camera application that has a feature to directly edit within the same application.

This camera 360 application also has features such as a DSLR camera with a myriad of features in it. In fact, if you have never used a third-party camera application even once, using the Camera 360 application will feel easy, because the interface of this application is very simple.

4# Camera App ProCapture

A dslr camera application that has features like the next DSLR camera is ProCapture. For those of you who like to travel with friends or family, you can capture memos on the way with this camera application. This camera application is guaranteed to make you satisfied with the photos created by ProCapture, and this camera application can directly edit your photos directly in the application.

This ProCapture application has many unique and cool features, including a simple interface that makes it easy for you to use, has a panorama mode, wide shot mode, and the most unique is the reduced noise mode feature and that’s not all the features in the application. This is much more, so hurry up and download it before you regret it.

5# Camera App Fast Burst Camera

The Fast Burst Camera application is one of the android camera applications where this application is very suitable for use for those of you who have small children, because this android camera application called Fast Burst Camera can capture photos at speeds up to 30 frames / second which can take little moments.

6# Camera App Camera Manual

The next best android camera application is manual camera. Manual Camera is the result of development by Geeky Devs Studio. This application can be used by Android smartphones that have at least carried the 5.0 operating system or Lollipop OS. This application is able to produce photos or images in RAW format with feature settings such as white balance, exposure, and other features easily.

Enough articles that discuss about “6 Best Camera Application Recommendations for Your Android Phone” In my opinion, I hope this article can be useful for all of you.