6 Best Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy S4

best custom rom for galaxy s46 Best Custom Roms For Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung is a company that produces the world’s largest electronics such as washing machines, smart tvs, and smartphones that run the operating system created by Google, and also the company had more than 369,000 employees in 2011.

The company was founded in 1969 and in 2010 Samsung launched the Galaxy S smartphone which is the flagship series or Samsung’s premium smartphone series which has a variety of features that are exclusive to this series.

Well.. in 2014 this company released the samsung galaxy s4 which has various features in it such as air gesture, smart stay, watch on, and many more, but many features such as can cause a waste of battery power on your smartphone.

To overcome this, you can see the article 6 Tips for Overcoming Wasteful Android Battery Power.

By installing a custom rom you can also save your smartphone battery. “Why can?” Because all the applications and features that are in the stock rom on your smartphone, have been automatically deleted, for example, such as features that are too many and not too important, and replaced with tweaks that make your smartphone more efficient and perform better than the previous rom. , and many more features that are not yet in your stock rom.

You can install these tweaks manually without installing the custom rom, but it’s more complicated and has a very high risk.

It is recommended that if you have never installed tweaks and custom roms, you must be accompanied by someone who has done it before to minimize the risk of your smartphone booting up or reading more on forums such as xda-developer, kaskus and others.

If you want to install a custom rom on your galaxy s4 GT-I9500 then this article can help you choose.

Best Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy S4

1# Custom Rom Albe95 LolliROM

If you want your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone to have the look and features like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy Note 7.

Then this custom rom is for you. Because this custom rom has the features and applications found on Samsung’s flagship smartphone from the S series to the Note series.

Like a smart manager that already supports widgets, quick connect in the statusbar like galaxy s7, bootanimation s7, has ultra power saving mode and greyscale mode that works to save your s4 smartphone battery.

But from these good and interesting features, this custom rom has several bugs, such as after you disable the ultra power saving mode feature, your email account will automatically log out.

Then you have to log in to your email account again, and in the smart manager if you want to force close the application via this smart manager, then this smart manager will force close.

2# Custom Rom Imperium LL ROM

Do you want to have a custom rom that has an android lollipop version on your galaxy s4 smartphone? By installing this custom rom, you can already experience the android lollipop version on your smartphone, and also enjoy a variety of cool and interesting features.

For example, busybox has been installed, the rom has been deodexed, and this rom has been rooted so you don’t have to bother anymore to root your s4 smartphone.

And there are also various kinds of mods that are installed on this custom rom, such as viper4android, which is an application that can make the audio quality on your smartphone better, the theme is already installed, so the stock rom used to be unable to use themes, now your smartphone can, and many more again.

3# Custom Rom Albe95 S6 FULL PORT

This custom rom is a rom that has a look like the samsung galaxy s6. which already has the same features as the Samsung flagship smartphone, such as the appearance which is already similar to the Galaxy S6.

It already has an ultra power saving mode feature, and almost all of its applications already resemble the applications found on the Galaxy S6.

But this custom rom has some bugs, such as the camera mode doesn’t work properly, the screen mirroring feature doesn’t work, and the sensor doesn’t work after a while.

This problem can be solved by restarting your galaxy s4 smartphone, then the sensor that is not running will run properly.

4# Custom Rom Untouched Google Play Edition 5.1

Untouched Google Play Edition 5.1 is a rom that if you install it you will get an experience like a stock rom, but in this rom you can feel the feeling of holding smartphones made by Google like the Google Nexus.

This rom is also very nice and comfortable to use because this rom has no bugs at all and if you don’t like the touchwiz galaxy s4 look, but you like the look of Google then this rom is for you.

5# Custom Rom Albe95 ASTRA

Want to have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but it’s expensive and don’t have the money? Now. With this custom rom, you can enjoy and feel the features of this Galaxy Note 5.

And also in this custom rom, it’s almost made your galaxy s4 smartphone like a galaxy note 5 from the appearance, the default application, and also the exclusive features of the smartphone, such as air commands, scrapbooks and many more.

But behind these cool features, this custom rom has very unfortunate bugs such as a camera mode that doesn’t work, the screen mirroring feature doesn’t work properly, and there are sensors that are problematic.

But this one bug can be solved by rebooting your s4 smartphone. If you want to see the appearance of the custom rom

6# Custom Rom MIUI 7 ROM

Is your S4 smartphone battery draining? Now. With this custom rom, you can save more on your S4 smartphone battery without installing very troublesome applications and tweaks.

This custom rom uses the kitkat version of the rom, which means that in addition to saving the battery, it also makes your S4 smartphone not heat up quickly. You want to see what the custom rom looks like and want to download it, you can see at this link

And that’s the 6 Best Custom Roms for your Samsung Galaxy S4, hopefully it can be useful and can also reduce your confusion to choose which custom rom is better and also has fewer bugs.

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