6 Important Things Before Installing Custom Rom On Android

6 Important Things Before Installing Custom Rom On Android

6 Important Things Before Installing Custom Rom On Android. Android is an operating system that was previously developed by Android.inc and purchased by Google in 2005, and developed by Google based on the Linux kernel and specifically designed for smartphones (smartphones) and tablet computers (Tablets). At the moment.

All groups, both children and adults, already have a smartphone developed by Google to make assignments, find information or references, relieve stress by playing games, accessing social media and much more.

Behind its usefulness, this operating system also has versions, just like Windows which has a Windows 7 version and a Windows 8 version. But if the Android version is called Android Cupcake (1.5), Donut (1.6), Eclair (2.0), and so on. , until the new android nougat(7.0) version released by google in 2016.

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If your smartphone doesn’t get the firmware update anymore and you want to update the latest android version on your smartphone, then you can install a custom rom.

What is Android Custom Rom?

Custom rom android is a file that contains the android operating system that has been modified by third parties such as cyanogenmod and others. What do we get if we install a custom rom on Android.

Best 6 Steps Before Installing Custom Rom On Android

1. Have Better Performance And More Efficient Than Stock Rom

This is the reason why we want to install a custom rom, because it is equipped with tweaks which are certainly very useful and you also don’t have to bother and be confused to install it because it is already in the lightest android custom rom.

2. Allows To Install Applications On Sd Card

This feature is very useful for all of us who like to store large files such as game data and application data, where if you are still using the stock rom on your smartphone, you have to root to get this feature.

3. Change the look of Android to be better and more attractive

JIf you’ve ever installed a launcher application, then you can change the look of your Android the way you want but not completely. Now, by installing a custom ROM, you can completely change the appearance of Android until the status bar can be changed according to your wishes.

4. Has Many Features That Are Not Present In Stock Roms Or Smartphone Default Roms

Do you want to have the features on a flagship smartphone? by installing a custom rom you can get these exclusive features like UPSM (Ultra Power Saving Mode) found on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

5. Can Install And Run Apps That Require Root Access

There are many benefits that we can get if we install a custom rom such as already installed tweaks, flagship smartphone features, and no need to bother anymore to root. because in the custom it is already available and you just have to install it.

6. Make the wearer more Satisfactory

Sometimes a stock ROM that runs on your Android phone doesn’t provide a very satisfactory service, so one of these functions is what causes a Custom ROM.

If there are advantages, there must also be disadvantages, namely:

1. The warranty of your android phone is void.

2. Some of the roms on the forum still have a lot of bugs in the rom.

3. Can Shorten the age of android smartphones.

4. Must reinstall the app after successfully flashing or installing custom rom.
5. The functionality of some parts of the device will be lost
6. The update feature is not very good quality

Well.. if you already know the advantages and disadvantages and are still hesitant to install a custom rom then you can listen Tips before installing a custom rom on an android phone, the following :

1). Think carefully before installing a custom rom

Thinking carefully before installing a custom rom is highly recommended so that after successfully flashing or installing a custom rom you don’t regret that maybe the rom is not what you expect.

And for those of you who don’t know, before we install a custom rom, you must factory reset your smartphone and automatically all sms, contacts, and applications on your smartphone will be deleted.

Therefore you have to think about it first, to avoid regret later.

Not to mention the custom rom that you installed, it still has bugs that make you miss the rom that you often use that doesn’t have bugs and if you already want to update the version of the custom rom you have to install it manually, not to mention it can make your smartphone botloop.

2). Make Sure You Have Installed Custom Recovery

Custom recovery is a third-party recovery that has more features than stock recovery or default recovery. custom recovery also plays an important role for those of us who want to install a custom rom because custom recovery has a feature that can back up system data contained in your smartphone.

So when your android smartphone has problems like bootloop, we don’t need to be dizzy and panic when it happens on your smartphone because you can restore it using the backup that you made before installing the custom rom.

You can restore the backup by going to custom recovery and select restore. You can also use the custom recovery for other activities such as installing tweaks, clearing cache on the system, and much more.

3). Check Custom Rom Before Installing

All the files that we download on the internet, it could be that the file is corrupt regardless of the size of the file. Which can be caused due to the internet signal factor and we often pause the download.

If we don’t pay attention to the file, then when you install the custom rom, you may fail to install the custom rom and even your Android smartphone will bootloop, which is caused because the file is damaged or corrupted.

4). Check first whether the custom rom is compatible with your Android smartphone type

Many vendors have issued or released smartphones starting from smartphones that use the Android, iOS and Windows phone operating systems that are widely available on the market today.

For example I have a samsung galaxy s4 whose type is i9500 and I searched for a custom rom on google and found a custom rom that I wanted to install, and the custom rom was also made specifically for galaxy s4 but the type was different, namely i9505 and many people asked

“Can a custom rom that has the same series but have a different type run properly?”.

In my opinion, even though the custom rom meets the requirements, the type is different, so there are custom roms that can and custom roms that can’t. If the custom rom can be run on a different type, then the custom rom does not run smoothly and many applications force close because it is not necessarily the same type and the hardware is the same.

5). Prepare Your Android Smartphone Firmware Files Just In Case And Prevent Unwanted Things

Frimware is a file that contains a fixed android system or os and users who download the firmware do not have access to edit what is in it, this firmware has a function, namely to update or downgrade the android version and be able to repair smartphones that are affected by botloop.

By using the odin application to use the firmware, unlike custom roms that can be installed using a custom recovery.

6). IMEI Backup Your Android Phone

Sometimes, when you install a custom rom, your IMEI number can be lost and cause your Android phone to not be able to receive network signals from the sim card you are using.

To avoid this problem, don’t forget to backup the folder named EFS before you install the custom rom.