6 Most Popular Tweak Collection For Android

6 Most Popular Tweak Collection For Android

How To Install Tweak On Android Safely. Is your android already rooted? but you don’t know what can be done when your android is rooted, so you can take advantage of tweaks to maximize the features you get after you root your android.

Latest Anti Lag Android Tweak

Tweak is a file in the form of a script contained in the android system. the following are some of the benefits of tweaks for android.

  • Can save android battery.
  • Can increase the speed or performance of your android.
  • Can reduce lag when multitasking.
  • Can reduce ram usage.
  • Can increase audio quality.
  • Increase the speed of read and write on the sdcard.
  • Block annoying ads.
  • Increases screen sensitivity to touch.
  • Maximize the GPS feature.
  • Improve Android graphics

And many more of you install tweaks on Android, from the many cool features, installing tweaks also has many risks such as bootlop, which is where your Android phone is stuck or silent on the logo when you want to turn it on.

Therefore, you are required to be careful in reading the instructions on how to install it and backing up the system before installing the tweak. You don’t want the photos and important files on your Android phone to be lost in vain? Here’s how to safely install tweaks on android.

Preparation :
1. Tweak
2. Universal init.d
3. busybox app


1. First download the application called universal init.d and the busybox application. Then install the application.
2. Open the busybox application and select turn on.
3. Likewise with the universal application init.d, open the application and select turn on.
4. Then turn off your android phone.
5. After that go to recovery mode like TWRP/CWM/Phliz.
6. Then install the tweak that you downloaded earlier.
7. Reboot your android phone.

That’s how to install tweaks on android correctly and safely. After you know how to install it, then you can choose several or a collection of tweaks, either init.d or in the form of build.prop tweaks that support android jelly bean, kitkat, lollipop, marshmallow, and nougat which can be downloaded here, which are tweaks which is widely downloaded and is well known which can be said to be “Best” on the xda forum, below

6 Latest And Best Collection of Tweaks Optimizing Android

1# TweakDrypT™

It is a tweak that has a lot of features, where this feature is highly sought after by many people, namely fast performance but economical battery and much more. From the gingerbread version of Android to the present, namely Android Nougat, it can run without problems. So that’s why a lot of people visit the thread and download this tweak, besides the size is only 5mb, the installation is also not complicated, just go into recovery mode and install it, easy isn’t it?. that’s why in the thread it gets 1,130 thanks at the time this article was written.

2# VulpiX

Is a tweak that can be considered quite complete in its features. Why is it quite complete? because if you install it, then your android will not only get faster performance and save battery, but also in terms of audio it’s also good because an audio feature has been added, namely beast audio 2.0 which is already contained in this tweak.

So you don’t have to bother anymore to install audio tweaks on your android if you are a music lover. And also in this tweak already provides a bravia engine if you install this tweak. For those who don’t know Bravia Engine is a tweak where the photos on your Android are better than before and are also a superior feature of Sony’s smartphones.

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3# Fly-On Mod

Is a mod that contains a lot of scripts, binaries and tweaks that are combined into one mod that is useful for smooth multitasking, reducing lag, preventing Android overheating or overheating, increasing battery life which can make Android more efficient and many other features. of this fly-on mod tweak.

This tweak can be installed starting from Android version 2.3 Gingerbread to a higher version, and first make sure that your Android has a custom recovery installed such as CWM or TWRP to reduce the risk when installing this mod tweak.

4# Adrenaline™ Engine

A tweak developed by ImbaWind, this tweak is a very popular tweak on the xda forums because of its many features but easy to install. Actually the tweaks in the Adrenaline ™ Engine are tweaks taken from the Thunderbolt tweak made by Pikachu01 which was later developed and packaged again into a tweak called Adrenaline ™ Engine. This tweak has various features, such as increased sensitivity to touch, reduced lag, better performance and saves battery as well.

5# PurePerformances™X

Is a tweak that can improve Android performance, besides that this tweak can also stabilize our network so that it can continue to 3G but keep in mind also that different scenes are different and this tweak can increase the Antutu benchmark score, speed up when turning on Android, save battery, when Android When the device is in a charging state, this tweak will automatically reduce applications running in the background which can cause the Android to be full faster, and there are many more features of this tweak.

6# L Speed ​​Android Optimizer

This tweak is a tweak that has been downloaded by many other Android users out there, because this tweak adds to Android performance and can also save your Android battery more. It can be said that this mod tweak is complete with features. Because in this mod tweak, there are already various features combined into one tweak mode, such as the boost now feature which includes battery calibration, kill media server, kernel tweaks, fsync/dyn fsync, Kernel samepage merging, kernel sleepers optimization, battery improvement features. , faster boot, flag tuner, fast charge, improve scrolling, liquid smooth UI and many more features.

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