6 Secret Ways to Overcome Wasted Android Battery Power

Secret Ways to Overcome Wasted Android Battery Power

6 Tips for Overcoming Wasteful Android Battery Power. Every time you open an application on your Android, it’s like calling a friend or just opening an application to update your status on social media without you realizing that you forgot to close the application.

Then the application is still running in the background that eats up the performance of the CPU and RAM on your Android which results in the rapid draining of your Android smartphone battery and there are even Android smartphones that have very bad battery life, because there are too many features on Android smartphones. or a ROM that is not stable and has not been optimized by the vendor who launched the Android-based smartphone.

To reduce this so that your Android smartphone consumes more battery efficiently, I will share tips and ways to make you more comfortable using your smartphone and not be confused about looking for plugs when outside the house because the smartphone battery is running low.

The Most Effective Way to Save Android Battery Power

1). Changing Wallpaper With Black Dominant Image

Lots of people often change their device wallpaper to make it look more beautiful to the eye or look fresher than the previous wallpaper they used. without realizing that the dominant black wallpaper can make the android battery not run out quickly when used, especially devices that already use an amoled screen.

For those of you who use an android smartphone that is already equipped with an amoled screen, this is good news for you because by only using a black wallpaper you can save battery on your android device and these tips are also one of the best ways to save battery life. Powerful Tips to Save Battery on Android Phones which many people use today.

2). Reduce the Brightness of Your Android Phone Screen

Most now android smartphones already have a feature called auto brightness which as the name suggests this feature functions to adjust the screen brightness automatically by detecting light conditions when the android phone is If you want to save your Android smartphone battery, it’s a good idea to disable this feature and lower the brightness to the lowest. If you want my battery to save optimally you can change the screen timeout to 15 seconds.

3). Pixoff

For those of you who don’t know this application called pixoff. Is an application that can save your Android smartphone battery, by reducing the number of pixels on your Android smartphone screen, so that your Android cellphone battery consumption can be more efficient. But keep in mind that this application only supports Android phones with AMOLED screens.

If you install this application on a device that does not use an amoled screen but uses a tft screen or an ips screen, this application will not have any impact or benefit on your battery.

4). Stop some apps running in the background.

Many download applications in the play store is not necessarily good, because the application can run in the background without knowing, even though we do not use the application. Which causes our android smartphones to be very wasteful.

You can see which apps are draining the battery on your Android phone by going to the battery section in the settings menu. If you see an application that is not consuming a lot of battery power, it’s a good idea to delete or stop the application.

There are also applications that require internet access or access your location which can cause your device battery to drain. If possible you can stop it from accessing your location by going to the location on the settings menu. If you want to run applications that require location such as Google maps you can reactivate it.

5). Too Many Widgets Installed

Too many widgets can also cause your Android cellphone battery to be wasteful. Examples include clock and weather widgets in the main view. The widget will continue to run in the background to update the current time and weather. If you have a lot of widgets at home, delete them immediately to save your device’s battery.

You can also work around this by changing the frequency with which the widget should be updated. You can also set the frequency of the widgets that you think are important to 1 hour or 30 minutes. This method can also save your device battery but not as efficient as your Android phone when you don’t have any widgets on the main page.

Greenify is an application that can help you to check or identify applications that drain your Android phone a lot. This application works by hibernating the application that you specify so that the application does not run in the background when you are not using it.

For those of you whose android devices are already running on Android version 6.0 or Marshmallow, you can use the new features in the Greenify application, namely the aggressive doze feature and the doze on the go feature. To maximize this application you need to root your android phone.