7 Cool Features In UOB Internet Banking

7 Cool Features In UOB Internet Banking


Internet banking services are now your favorite feature for banking services. Not only makes it easier for customers to transact, internet banking is also considered capable of supporting your mobility you know! UOB Internet Banking has a number of fun offers through its quite interesting features. Features that can be categorized as qualified can help you handle all types of payments or transactions. Here’s the full explanation.

1. Invest in Unit Trust

Wow, when else can you enjoy internet banking while investing? Yep, UOB bank serves diversification of investment portfolios through unit trusts that you can rely on it. This service has been done online too you know!

2. Guaranteed safety

Have the security feature aka 7×24 hour security makes UOB even more considered. You also required to enter the PIN that you will through the SecurePlus Token. This token will provide additional security authentication by protecting accounts and user information.

3. RTOL (Real Time OnLine)

This system allows you to perform a number of transactions in real time. You can enjoy this service with various types. Namely, RTGS aka Real Tiens Gross Settlement as well as TT or Telegraphics Transfer. For the RTGS system, it is a service that you can use to send funds with a large nominal. Meanwhile, TT is a special money transfer transaction in foreign currency.

4. Transaction Recap Up to 90 Days

UOB Internet Banking is said to be quite different from its competitors. Namely in terms of the appearance of transaction history. Which is generally only given within the past 14 to 30 days. But, UOB customers can rest easy, because there is an additional 60 days of recap transactions backwards, you know!

5. Mobile Cash

Feature number five is in fact also much loved, you know. Fund transfer service is enough via mobile number This is presented by UOB bank for the convenience of its users. What’s even more interesting is that the withdrawal of these funds does not require an ATM card, aka cardless. Yes, easy right?

6. Quick Pay

Popular with its quick fun transfer or quick pay feature, UOB bank is able to attract millions of users. You can do this service apply to transfer funds without having to register the destination account number. Meanwhile, other banks require this, right? Besides, you can adjust your transaction limit do it via UOB internet banking.

7. Layered Security

UOB bank is indeed popular for its layered security system, aka Layered Security. As discussed. UOB has 128-Bit SSL system that enables encryption through UOB Internet Banking. This message can only be read by the sender or recipient of the information.

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