Advantages and Disadvantages of using Kuota Ketengan Telkomsel

Telkomsel’s Ketengan Quota, although this package is the cheapest internet package for 2020, the Ketengan quota package has become popular among students, because this package offers cheap internet packages with large quotas.

Although it has many advantages, including cheap and affordable prices, don’t forget that Telkomsel’s Ketengan Quota also has many drawbacks, including the active period which is only 1-7 days.

With the information I conveyed about the advantages and disadvantages of using the Telkomsel Ketengan Quota, you can make your own decision, whether you need to buy a Telkomsel Ketengan package or not to buy this package.

Kouta Ketengan is very different from Telkomsel’s OMG quota, whose quota can be used to access Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, the Ketengan Package can only be used for one of these internet packages, for example, only Facebook, Instagram and Youtube only.

Even so, you can buy all of the Ketengan Kuota to be able to use it on various applications and websites, just like OMG and Maxstream.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Kuota Ketengan Telkomsel

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Kuota Ketengan Telkomsel

With some of the considerations above, I can conclude that there are several advantages and disadvantages of the Telkomsel Ketengan package

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Advantages of Using Telkomsel Ketengan Quota

  • Many Ketengan Quota Options

there are many choices that you can choose when you buy this Ketengan Kuota package, you can buy Ketengan Facebook Quota, Youtube Ketengan Quota and Instagram Ketengan Quota

  • Cheap and affordable prices

With only IDR 2,500, you can buy internet packages for Youtube, Instagram, Facebook with a maximum quota of 3GB, with an active period of up to 7 days, 24 hours

if you have purchased one of the Ketengan Kuota packages, you can use the quota for a full 24 hours and without time sharing, this quota can be used on all networks ranging from networks such as 2G. 3G, and 4G

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Lack of Telkomsel Ketengan Quota

  • Prices in each region are different

this is very often encountered, in groups and internet communities, for each Ketengan Telkomsel Kuota package price in certain areas the price is different, for the Java area the normal price is Rp 11000 but outside Java it can reach Rp 22000, the price increase reaches 100%

Usually, Telkomsel tariffs in certain areas, such as Aceh or Papua, are more expensive than other areas.

not only that, if you have a flash quota and credit, then your flash quota will decrease first and your credit will also decrease too

This happens because the quota can only be used to access certain applications. Meanwhile, if you want to access other applications, you need another quota.

  • expensive package if you buy at once

different from Kouta OMG, we can get access to these 3 applications, in contrast to Kouta Ketengan we have to use the quota, to open and access only certain applications,

if not your flash quota or credit will decrease

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Thus the information that I can convey to you Advantages and Disadvantages of using Kuota Ketengan Telkomsel users of the Ketengan internet package