Android Application To Detect Disease

Android Applications For Disease Detection

Android Application To Detect Diseases – The use of smartphones is not only limited to communication, but along with the sophistication of smartphones that have been marketed today, it turns out that they can be used as other tools, including in this case to detect diseases in humans.

Not only relying on the smartphone, but through the application that has been made, it turns out to be able to provide information on what disease is being suffered. Maybe we’ve already discussed applications to detect heart health, but on this occasion we will discuss some of them Android Apps For Detect Disease other.

Thus, if you use it wisely, your smartphone can help you detect disease early by using applications that have been designed by developers. Here there are 3 Android Apps For Detect Disease which is in you.

1. iCare Health Monitor

Android Applications For Disease Detection

Android Apps For Detect Disease the first is iCare Health Monitor. This application has many functions to monitor your body. You can take blood measurements, heart rate health, lungs, hearing to eye health. How does this app work? This app will use the camera’s LED function to perform calculations. Please download and install this application on your smartphone.

2. What’s My Pain

Android Applications For Disease Detection

Android Apps For Detect Disease the next is an application developed by Smartindo Access which is an IT company that has long developed information services in hospitals. Yes, from the name alone, we can conclude that this application is made in the country. The way this application works is by offering an initial diagnosis to detect disease before you consult a doctor. . You just need to look for the complaint that you are feeling in the search column then the algorithm from the application will display information about your possible illness. Not only that, this application also has features for free consultations with doctors, providing clinic information around you and there are various health articles.

3. Health Calculator

Android Applications For Disease Detection

Android Apps For Detect Disease the latter you can use to measure your heart rate results from using the iCare Health Monitor application. So when you enter your data such as gender, age, height, and to find out the heart rate that should be and also know the ideal weight for you.

Please download and run Android Apps For Detect Disease the. Hopefully this application is useful but a little note from us this application may not always be accurate for maintained accuracy maybe you should also consult a doctor directly.