Android OS latest version

Android OS latest version


Android OS latest versionOperational system or the android operating system has many versions since its release in 2003. In that year, android has gone through many trials and developments by experts so that in 2004 android can be marketed. At the beginning of marketing, Android had difficulty finding investors.

However, in the end, Android can attract investors because it continues to make various innovations in its development. Until now Android has had 11 versions. Android 11 is the latest version of Android that was released in 2020.

There have been many changes in android since its release date, which was not a touch screen, now users android latest version can already feel the touch screen feature. Actually, the touch screen feature existed before this Android 11 appeared. However, this Android 11 has a touch screen feature that is more sophisticated.

Android latest version which is named Android 11 has many new features including bubbles, conversations, app permissions, screen recording, to dark mode. These features are presented so that Android users are more comfortable in using this latest version of Android.

Android latest version it is not inferior to its competitors who have market products and have advanced features first. Even android users to date are more than its competitors. Android now has about 2.5 million users. While its competitors only have about 700 million users.

This proves that the development of Android is very fast. The innovations that are presented always satisfy the users. No wonder Android has many users and has been developed by many companies.

So many interesting things on this android, especially on android latest version namely android 11. Currently, android is believed to have more users than before. This is because Android is always developing its version to be more sophisticated than previous versions.Therefore, you don’t have to worry anymore if you want to buy a smartphone that has an OS androidnew version This is because Android 11 has no doubt about its capabilities.

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