Android Unique Tradition with Cake Naming

Android Unique Tradition with Cake Naming.


Android Unique Tradition with Cake Naming. Android has had a unique tradition throughout its journey. This time it’s not about features that are getting more sophisticated every year, but about naming each version using cake names. Until now, Android still survives with this unique tradition.

Even though android comes with robot logo, but they choose the names of the cakes to be the hallmark of each version. Android comes with the first version, which is still using the name android 1.1. And the unique tradition of Android starts from the second version, namely Android cupcakes.

Android Unique Traditions until now still valid. As if to continue the uniqueness of its names, android still exist with this name. The following androids use the names of cakes to date, starting from the second version, namely: Cupcakes, then Donuts, next Eclair, then Froyo, too Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marsmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Queen Cake, and Red Valvet Cake.

Each name released has its own advantages. Not only does the name look cute, but the addition of its features is also more useful. Then what is the background for the name of this cake? Are you aware that the names of the cakes used are cakes that have a sweet taste? As the name of the cake that can bring pleasure when eaten, so also with the android itself which can provide pleasure to its users.

Android Unique Traditions also in the background by the owner who has a great sense of humor, so the naming of these cakes is its own characteristic. In addition to the uniqueness of the name, Android always puts a statue in front of Google’s office every time there is a new release. This indicates that android wants to maintain its unique tradition.

The uniqueness of this android naming may still be a question for ordinary people. But they only make it a cursory question that does not need to find an answer. The most important thing is the usefulness of android itself which is very useful for life in modern times.