Apps To Edit Videos on Your Android

Apps To Edit Videos on Your Android


In addition to using a laptop, you can also edit videos using applications available on Android, just download it from the Playstore and the application is ready to be used for editing. The advantage of editing videos on Android is that it makes it easier for us to edit videos anywhere and anytime and of course it’s very simple because the size of an Android cellphone is smaller than a laptop or PC. This is a solution for those of you who don’t want to be complicated to edit videos that you want to put on Instagram, YouTube, or other social media. Here are some applications for editing videos on Android.

1. Inshot

You can download the inshot application on the playstore for free on your android. The inshot application is a video editing application that you can use to upload videos to Instagram or other social media because it is specifically designed to improve the final result of each video. In addition, in the video editing section you will find interesting features that make your videos look more attractive after editing. Such as applying filters, entering text, adding music or sound effects and even adding emojis or stickers.

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2. Adobe Lightroom

Previously, this Adobe Lightroom application used a subscription fee to be used in full. But now, Adobe Lightroom can be used free of charge. However, users of this application still need a subscription account to get the desktop version of lightroom sync. One of the advantages of this editing application is that it has very complete features that are very suitable for use for Android, such as adjusting lighting, shadows, contrast, white and black hues. And also able to edit the color of the photo or video that is being edited.

3. Viva videos

The next android video editing application is viva video. Viva Video is a video editing application that is very easy to use and has several advantages over other video editing applications. One of them is being able to change the original sound contained in the video. You can replace the original sound by entering other sounds or music on your Android phone.

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