Asus claims to have successfully sold 7 units of smartphones in Indonesia

Asus claims to have successfully sold 7 units of smartphones in IndonesiaAsus Claims to Have Successfully Sell 7 Smartphone Units in Indonesia – Recently, Asus has claimed that they managed to sell 7 million units of smartphones from the Zenfone series in Indonesia. This news itself was revealed by the director of Asus Southeast Asia Region Benjamin Yeh at the launch of their latest smartphones, namely Zenfone Live and Zoom S.

At the event in Jakarta, Benjamin said confidently “We are proud to say that we have sold seven million Zenfone units in the last three years in Indonesia” Tuesday (16/05/2017).

Asus claims to have successfully sold 7 units of smartphones in Indonesia

He also said that for the consumer notebook market, Asus also claimed to have taken the first position with a market share of over 50 percent. More specifically, Yeh said optimistically that in the consumer notebook market, we are number one with a market share of 51.7 percent.

In the launch of the latest Zenfone Live and Zoom S smartphones, Asus believes that there will be many enthusiasts in Indonesia. Both of these smartphones do outperform in terms of cameras, but the market segments will be different.

For the Zenfone Live series, it does have a Beauty Live feature that functions to beautify the face when the user is performing live as if it’s the current trend. Zenfone Live will target smartphone users from women who like to live on smartphones. This feature is also what makes the Zenfone Live smartphone the first in the world with this feature.

Furthermore, the Zoom S series is certainly not far from the camera. The sales target is aimed at those who like the world of smartphone photography. It will be fun to take photos with this Zoom S smartphone.

Although Asus also believes that this product will sell well in Indonesia, it is not certain how many sales targets will be carried out by Asus because Asus will definitely continue to maintain sales consistency of up to 7 units or even higher in the following years. What is certain is that we wait and soon we will update information regarding the specifications and prices of these two smartphones.