Automatic Street Light Circuit

Sometimes in the morning we forget to turn off the lights on the street. This of course will make wasteful use of electrical power. Therefore this time I will share about the automatic street light circuit scheme that uses a light sensor (LDR). Actually this circuit functions as a switch (switch) only. So that at night or in the dark the switch is in the ON position. Then at noon the switch is in the OFF position. By utilizing the relay as a switch and LDR as the sensor.

The following is a schematic of the light sensor circuit

Automatic Street Light Circuit

Required components

• R1, R2, R3 = 2K2,
• VR1 = 10K presets,
• C1 = 100uF/25V,
• C2 = 10uF/25V,
• D1- D6 = 1N4007
• TR1, TR2 = BC547,
• Relay = 12 volts, 400 Ohm
• LDR = 10K – 47K
• Transformer = 0-12V, 200mA

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Although it looks simple but this circuit can work as it should. This means that when there is no light, the lamp will turn on, and vice versa the lamp will go out if it is bright. It is suitable to be applied as a street lamp.
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