Axis card Hitz Package Host Bug

on this occasion I will convey some information about Axis card Hitz Package Host Bug Hitz Package Bug for the Latest Axis XL 2018 card which of course you can try to use or use in the application HTTP Injector, Anonytun, KPN Tunnel Ultimate, KPN Tunnel, Eproxy, Custom Apk and PC Inject Application

How to Apply Axis Hitz Packages

  • For New Customers: Can Buy / Activate AXIS HITZ starter pack
  • For Existing Customers: you can dial / via UMB *123*7# or the AXISnet application

Benefits of Using Axis Hitz Packages

  • Unlimited Bonus Every Day Access the application WhatsApp, LINE & BBM
  • IRIT Call to all AXIS, only Rp. 99/minute
  • BONUS 250 SMS to all operators for a day after sending 7 SMS (Rp 150/SMS)

With a fair usage limit, AXIS HITZ Unlimited Bonus is 1GB/application/day

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Axis card Hitz Package Host Bug

Axis card Hitz Package Host Bug

After you register for Axis Hitz, you can use the bug below to change the chat quota to a regular quota on the Axis card, so you can access all sites on the internet, starting from Google, Facebook, Youtube, Downloads, and even Online Games.

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for below package hitz axis bug.

the bug above can also be used in the Anonytun application, read the settings below

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so the advice is to try to get ip 10.19x , 10.8x , 10.15x and 10.9x, and APN , Internet and because the ip and apn are relatively fast to connect and fast to download