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It’s still a matter of recommending the best handsfree or earphones, this time it’s the best handsfree or earphones for Smule. Because considering that there are so many fans of the Smule application, many of them are confused about what handsfree is best to support the application. This of course aims to make the resulting sound clearer, clearer, and maybe can make your voice sound more melodious.

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1. Xiaomi Piston 4

The best handsfree or earphones for Smule are the first Xiaomi Piston 4. Handsfree / These earphones are actually not designed specifically for singing in karaoke applications. Apparently, Xiaomi made these earphones to be clearer when receiving calls. The reason is, this product can reduce noise so that the sound will be heard more clearly.

However, because this product can reduce noise and can capture low-frequency sounds so as to produce sound with a 3-dimensional effect when used to listen to music, therefore this handsfree/earphone can be one of the best choices for Smule. Xiaomi Piston 4 is priced at IDR 200,000

2. dbe PR30 Rev III with mic

Next there is the dbe PR30 Rev III with mic. The earphones, which were released in mid-2015, are equipped with a metal body housing and the cable is also quite thick. dbe PR30 Rev III with mic accentuates sound with mid and high characters, making it perfect for vocal, jazz, and acoustic music lovers.

This product has been specifically designed to match various smartphones. With an impedance of 16 ohms and a frequency of 20 – 200 Hz, these 300 thousand earphones will make your vocal quality better and clearer in the Smule application. So the dbe PR30 Rev III with mic is perfect for those of you who want to find the best handsfree or earphones for Smule.

3. Basic EB-12 Earbuds With Mic

The Basic EB-12 Earbuds With Mic are the best hands-free or earphones for your next Smule. Especially if you have limited funds to buy handsfree or earphones, this is the right choice. The Basic EB-12 Earbuds With Mic are good earphones and come with earbuds for a more comfortable ear.

The microphone that comes with these earphones can hear the sound very clearly. In addition, the Basic EB-12 Earbuds With Mic also has a pretty good bass quality and sounds clear when used to listen to songs.

4. Ve Monk Plus

Another cheap and quality handsfree / earphone that is suitable for Smule, namely Ve Monk Plus. Earphones that are already equipped with comfortable earbuds provide a mic so you can sing in all kinds of karaoke applications via a smartphone.

The audio quality of these hands-free earphones prioritizes vocals so that when used to listen to songs, the singer’s voice sounds very clear to the ear. For the price itself, Ve Monk Plus is priced at a very affordable price, which is around IDR 150,000.

5. dbE WS10 rev 3

dbE WS10 rev 3 which carries a wooden design so that it looks very unique, this is a hands-free recommendation or earphones that are suitable for Smule. The audio quality produced by these earphones is good because the vocals are more refined and sound clear, while the bass and treble quality produced is also not reduced. Mid and high offered by this product is also quite satisfactory. Most importantly, these earphones are equipped with a microphone for karaoke on Smule. To have this WS10 rev 3 dbE, you only need to spend around Rp. 150,000.

6. EliBuds Sabia V4 Comi

EliBuds Sabia V4 Comi is the best-selling earphone for use using the Smule application. In addition to the cheap price because it is sold for only Rp. 150,000, this handsfree / earphone also has an extraordinary mic quality. This handsfree mic / earphone will not change your voice when singing on Smule.

Your real voice can be heard clearly when singing with this EliBuds Sabia V4 Comi. Not only that, these earphones are also capable of producing very clear sound, so it feels so comfortable when used to listen to music.

7. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100is

The best handsfree or earphones for Smule, the last one is Audio Technica ATH-CLR100is. This Handsfree / Earphone has a minimalist design and is equipped with a mic so that it can support your activities while playing Smule. In addition, this handsfree / earphone has several color choices.

And don’t be surprised to hear the price. Because with good and qualified quality, it turns out that these handsfree / earphones are only sold at a price of IDR 100,000. Just imagine at a very affordable price, these handsfree / earphones are able to produce quite capable audio quality, and the bass and treble of these earphones can be heard very clearly. The earphones that have a 1.2 meter cable length carry a frequency of 20-25000 Hz. You can rely on Audio Technica ATH-CLR100is as a quality cheap earphone for singing on Smule.

So, those are some of the best hands-free recommendations for Smule that we can share with you. Please choose which handsfree / earphone you like and happy singing beautifully on your smule. See you again in our other interesting reviews.