Buy Maxstream Package 10GB Price Rp 9000 Telkomsel at Langit Pay

cheap maxstream package Hello friends, this time the admin will share information on another cheap package, namely the Telkomsel card internet package, Maxstream 10GB package, Rp. 9000, with an active period of 7 days, full 24 hours.

You need to know that this 10Gb maxstream package can only be purchased through certain applications, for example the LangitPay application or the Telkomsel Digi Post Outlet application, therefore I will give a tutorial on how to buy a maxstream package through that application.

In my opinion, this maxstream package is the cheapest than other maxstream packages, at a price of Rp. 9000, we have got a Maxstream quota of 10GB with an active period of 7 days (1 week (Full 24 Hours)

You also need to know, Kouta maxstream can only be used for the Maxstream, VIU and Hooq applications, with the Maxstream application you will get a variety of attractive subscription packages from Telkomsel MAXstream

Previously I also discussed how to buy a 10GB OMG package for Rp. 5000 at Langit Pay too, MAXstream also provides various channels, such as Local Channels (NET TV, Kompas TV, tvOne, etc.). Not only Local Channels,

MAXstream also provides other complete Entertainment Channels, such as beIN SPORTS, Warner TV, HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Red, Discovery Channel, Warner TV, Zoo Moo, Nick Jr. and much more.

Complete tutorial How to Buy Maxstream 10GB Package Price Rp 9000 Telkomsel

eli Maxstream 10GB Package Price Rp 9000 Telkomsel

I have explained above there are 2 ways you can try to buy the maxstream 10Gb package, including using the Langit Pay application.

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Buy Maxstream Package 10 GB Price Rp 9000 at Langt Pay

make sure you already have a balance in the sky pay at least 9000, if you don’t have a balance you can top up the balance first

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  • first of all you need to have sky Pay app

The sky pay application can be downloaded on the playstore

  • Download and Install the Sky Pay Application
  • Open the Sky Pay App
  • Login the application using your mobile number and the OTP code that you get from sky pay sms

if you don’t have a sky pay account, you can register first

  • If you are already logged in, select “Data Packages”
  • Then enter your telkomsel number
  • Then Select Select “Digital Data”
  • Then Select “Digital 10GB”

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

Maxstream 10 GB Price Rp 9000

  • Then press “PAY NOW” to pay for the package
pay Maxstream 10 GB Price Rp 9000

Done, if the transaction is successful and successful you will get an sms from Telkomsel, which contains your Maxstream 10 GB Package for 7 days has been active

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if you have trouble, you can ask the admin of the youth group via wa or fanspage, or you can also comment below, that’s the info on cheap maxstream 10 GB internet packages on Langit Pay