Buy OMG Package 10 GB Price 5000 with DigiPost Outlet

omg package 10gb, Hello friends, this time I will share tips and tricks for resellers and counters, namely how to buy an OMG 10 GB internet package for 5000 with an active period 3 days with Telkomsel DigiPost Outlet App

This 10GB telkomsel omg internet package is an official package from telkomsel, so you can buy this omg package without the need to use an OTP code, you can shoot the 10 gb omg package using the Telkomsel Digipost Outlet application

This Telkomsel Outlet Digipost application is perfect for resellers and counters who want to shoot packages and buy Telkomsel 10 GB omg packages easily

the advantage of buying cheap omg packages from digipost is that this omg package can be shot several times, and there is no purchase limit, it can be shot at any time and how much, unlike other package shooting tutorials

I prefer to shoot packages using the digipost application rather than the sky pay application, because in the digipost application the price is relatively stable and does not change, for example we buy the 10GB omg package 10 times, the package price will remain the same for 5000

It’s different if we use the Langitpay application, where the price of internet packages will also go up, starting from 5000 to 5075, 5400 5700 etc., prices are relatively unstable and often go up from time to time.

after I searched further the Langipay application also took fire from the Digipost party to shoot the 10 GB omg package, or use a third party

What is the Telkomsel Outlet DigiPost Application

The Telkomsel DigiPost Outlet application is the official application from Telkomsel to facilitate purchase and payment transactions, transactions in the DigiPOSH application menu include package sales or menus for internet data top-up sales transactions, top-up balance transactions.

How to register a Telkomsel Gigipost Outlet Partner

As for how to register or download the DigiPOSt Outlet application, as I described below

  • first you must first register at Mkios Telkomsel,
  • After becoming a member, officers will be directed in the field,
  • to become a member of DigiPOSt outlet d
  • DigiPOSt can only be made through official GraPARI or Mini GraPARI sales.

or come directly to Grapari Telkomsel to register as a Digipost Outler partner

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how to Buy OMG Package 10 GB Price 5000/ 3 days with DigiPost Telkomsel application

Buy OMG Package 10 GB Price 5000/ 3 days with DigiPost Telkomsel application

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How to Buy OMG 10 GB package with Digi Post Outlet

first you are already a partner of DigiPost Outlet Telkomsel

make sure the balance of M kiosk or Link Aja is enough to buy the OMG package

  • Open the Telkomsel DigiPost Outlet Application
  • Enter your username and password to login to the digipost application
  • after successful login, select “Package Sales” to buy OMG package
cheap omg package
  • enter the cellphone number with the initial format 08
  • on Sales package Select “Bulk Internet Package”
  • After that select Video Quota max 10GB/3days 5 RB
  • Press Next To continue the process of purchasing the OMG 10 GB package

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

omg package with digipost

After the package is finished, it will immediately enter the consumer’s number, later the consumer will receive an sms from 3636 informing him that the 10 GB OMG package, priced at 5000 for 3 days, has been active

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Thus the Tutorial on Buying 10 GB OMG Packages at 5000 Prices with Telkomsel DigiPost Outlets, hopefully it will be useful for counters and card resellers who want to sell cheap internet packages for Telkomsel cards.