Cara Install Android Pie For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite | Xiaomi Indonesia 2021

Cara Install Android Pie For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite – Exclusively for Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite smartphone users. Xiaomi recently released the latest version of Android Pie (9.0) for the two smartphones, please note that the launch of the Android One Xiaomi version is the second time after the first launch for the Moto One Power smartphone.

Xiaomi company will release this android One smartphone in early summer. This program is also part of Google’s Android One, where the Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite will be their products that will receive scheduled security updates.

As for the previous product, the Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android One, it will also get the Android Pie (9.0) update which is currently still in the queue for its launch.

This Android Pie update on the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite will bring new features to your smartphone. For example, new features such as Adaptive Battery, screen brightness feature. With the Adaptive Battery feature after you update Android Pie on the Xiaomi Mi A2, your phone is able to control the activities of applications that run behind the scenes and also applications that are rarely used. That way the consumption of battery power will be more efficient and durable. In addition, this Android Pie update will also bring the latest navigation for your Xiaomi phone.

Cara Install Android Pie For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

  1. Make sure your Xiaomi Mi A2 smartphone has received a system update notification first. If you haven’t received the notification, you can check it manually.
  2. Please go to the menu >Arrangement then go to System Update.
  3. If it is available > update Android Pie for your Xiaomi Mi A2, just press download to be able to update.
  4. Make sure before downloading the internet connection that you use is sufficient, the battery is full, and most importantly, the internal memory capacity of your smartphone is also still available enough space.
  5. If the download process for the Android Pie update is complete, an option will appear to install it.
  6. Please just follow the instructions on your Xiaomi Mi A2 smartphone screen.

Thus the article on How to Install Android Pie For Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite that we present. Hopefully the above information can be useful for readers. Thank you.