Cara Manual Instal SSL Gratis Let’s Encrypt

If your hosting service provider does not provide Auto SSL Let’s Encrypt, what you can do is install it manually.

For information, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encrypted security system for securing a website and also transmitting its content to users, marked with the statement https:// before the domain name.

SSL or its latest name TLS plays a role in preventing illegal activities such as data theft, hijacking credit card information or other damage caused by hackers.

Usually we need to buy an SSL certificate from a third party like Comodo SSL. But there is also a free way, namely by using SSL Let’s Encrypt.

SSL Let’s Encrypt is managed by the Linux Foundation organization, providing free SSL/TLS services funded by donations. To use Let’s Encrypt SSL, you can do the following steps:

1. Access

2. Enter your website’s domain name then click Create Free SSL Certificate.

3. Choose a verification method websites. For example, I chose the verification method using DNS by adding TXT records.

4. Scroll down, you will get TXT Record information.

5. Enter the information for the two TXT Records in the DNS Zone Editor in Cpanel.

6. Click the verification link. After successful verification, click Download SSL Certificate.

7. After that, you will get an SSL certificate along with Private Key and CA Bundle.

8. Install certificate in Cpanel via the SSL/TLS menu

9. Click Manage SSL sites.

10. Enter certificate SSL along with Private Key and CA Bundle in the appropriate fields. Then click Install Certificate.

11. At this point, your website should have SSL installed. You can check by accessing it via a browser. If there is a locked padlock symbol, the URL starts with https:// and there is valid certificate information, then you have successfully installed SSL.

Note: SSL Let’s Encrypt via SSL For Free needs to be renewed every three months in the manner as above. Use Google Calendar as a reminder.

Advantages and disadvantages of using SSL Let’s Encrypt over SSL For Free:


1. For free, you don’t have to pay an annual fee to subscribe to an SSL certificate.
2. Not blocked by browser, websites without SSL are usually blocked with a “Your connection is not private” warning.
3. Safe from hacker attacks, the website is encrypted so the data is very difficult for hackers to read.
4. Increase consumer trust, visitors who access your website feel more secure because the website is SSL protected.
5. Increase rankings in search engines, Google or Bing prefer to place websites that use SSL in the top rankings, in other words, websites are easier to get to page one in search engines. The advantage is that your website will bring in more visitors from search engines.


1. Requires certificate renewal, SSL Let’s Encrypt via SSL For Free needs to be renewed every three months.
2. Website access speed is a little longer because there is an encryption process.

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