Changing VideoMax,GameMax,MusicMax Quota Into Telkomsel Flash Quota

On this occasion I will give a very interesting and useful tutorial, which is about How To Change VideoMax,GameMax,MusicMax Quota To Flash Quota On Telkomsel Card . so we can change the quota of VideoMax, GameMax, MusicMax to Flash quota of Telkomsel to flash quota (24 hours) and can access all sites on the internet including GameOnline,Youtube,Google and Social Media (Facebook,Twitter etc.)

These tricks and tips are the most awaited trick by Telkomsel operator users. Before discussing I will provide information about the VideoMax, GameMax, MusicMax quota.

Youthmax is an internet package bonus that will appear if you register a new Simpati Loop card and a new AS card. You can only use Youthmax quota for free internet through certain applications, including: chatting on Line, Game Max, and Music Max.

Game Max is an application for playing games online. To use it, you usually have to have a GameMax package to be able to play online games such as (Mobile Legend, AOV, COC, Clash Royale). For the price of the Youthmax quota you have to pay 25 thousand to get 1.5 GB of 4G internet, 5 MB of local internet, and 1 GB GameMax.

  • Understanding of Kouta MusicMax

MusicMax service is a music application, you can listen to as much music as you like using applications such as Prambors, Gen FM, Guvera, Smule, Joox, and Langit Musik.

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  • Understanding of VideoMax Quota

Videomax is that you can use video max quota to access HOOQ and VIU sites with free subscription.
for Viu is an application that provides a variety of streaming and download services ranging from dramas,

That’s a variety of information about VideoMax, GameMax, MusicMax Kouta Become a Telkomsel Flash Kouta, I’ll just give the tutorial below

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How to Change VideoMax,GameMax,MusicMax Quota Into Telkomsel Flash Quota

but first you have to download the Tunnel Application, for example Applications Anonytun and Psiphon in order to convert VideoMax, GameMax, MusicMax Kouta into Telkomsel Flash Kouta and I will use the Anonytun application which is easy to understand

  • First of all download Anonytun App

if you still don’t have the AnonyTun application then you can download it HERE

  • Then Install and Open Anonytun App
  • Then Press On Menu Arrangement (STEALTH SETTINGS)

Settings as below:

Activate Stealth Tunnel
Protocol and Connection select to SSL and for the port is 443,80,8080
Activate Advanced SSL Settings

If you do not understand then you can see the image below:

Stealth Tunnel settings on Anonytun

  • Then we set the Advanced SSL Settings
  • Press on Edit SSL Settings

Settings as below

Check on True SSL (Anti DPI)
Tick ​​on Spoof Host:Port
Then we fill in the Spoof Host: according to the bug
Filling Spoof Port : 443,80,8080 Recommended 443

If it’s not clear, you can see the image below

Advanced SSL settings for Telkomsel

For Bug / Host Kouta VideoMax,GameMax,MusicMax for Spoort Hoost below

Spoof Host : or
Spoof Port : 443 or 80

Spoof Host :
Spoof Port : 443 or 80

Spoof Host :
Spoof Port : 443 or 80

Spoof Host : or
Spoof Port : 443

  • After everything is done Press Save
  • Then Press Connect

If it is connected then there are 2 new notifications coming from the Anonytun Application
which means it’s connected and can be used for broswing, Facebook, Youtube, online games etc
2 notifications appear from the Anonytun application as shown below

connected to anonytun telkomsel card

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