Cheap Dial Code for 10 GB OMG Package for 5000

dial the omg package, hello friends of the youth group, kouta omg is a very popular quota, a special quota for streaming and watching videos on youtube, Instagram and Facebook, that’s why I’m sharing the dial code to buy the 20 GB 5000 OMG Package

Previously I have shared a tutorial on how to shoot the omg package, so that you get a Telkomsel internet package at a cheap and affordable price, on this blog I will give you some internet packages that I think are cheap,

so that it will save you purchasing your quota, this Telkomsel OMG package Dial code is very cheap, and you can try it because you will get a quota of 10 GB at a price of 5000, it’s very cheap, isn’t it?

not only for watching videos, the telkomsel omg package can be changed to a regular quota, if you want to use the omg quota freely without blocking certain applications by using certain applications such as VPN, and the OMG BUG for more details, read below

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not only by using dial to buy applications, you can buy telkomsel omg packages in other ways, you can see the list of cheap OMG packages HERE

remember the 10 Gb omg package for 5000 is only valid for 3 days, so you have to use the internet package extravagantly,

What is Telkomsel OMG Package Dial

Omg dial is a way to buy an omg telkomsel internet package by calling certain numbers such as *363# or *888#, to buy omg internet packages

many dials are deliberately hidden by Telkomsel, so that it is difficult for us to get internet packages at low prices,

because the Telkomsel provider is already well-known, the internet package price is cheap

Cheap Dial Code for 10 GB OMG Package for 5000

Cheap Dial Code for 10 GB OMG Package for 5000

To buy an omg Telkomsel 10Gb internet package at a price of 5000 for 3 days, you can follow the tutorial below

How to Buy OMG Packages by Dial

make sure you have filled up your credit, at least 50,000, then first of all we buy a monthly package first at *363#. For the tutorial, you can read below

  • open phone app
  • then type dial *363# Press OK / YES
  • select 5, another package, then press “Send” or “Enter”
  • Select 3 Monthly Internet OMG Then press “Send” or “Enter”

Choose one of the packages below

Package 8GB flash + 1GB Cloudmax + 1 OMG
Package 8GB flash + 2GB OMG
Package 4.5 GB flash + 2 GB OMG
Package 3GB flash + 1GB OMG
Package 4GB flash + 2GB OMG

I suggest you buy the omg package 3 GB flash + 1 GB OMG package for 38.000, because the price is cheaper than other packages

  • for example I bought a 3 GB flash package + 1 GB OMG for 38.000
  • Then press 1. Buy , to buy the package

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

Dial monthly package omg

if successful you will get an sms from 363 that your package is active

Next, we just need to buy the OMg Telkomsel 10GB package at a price of 5000

  • open phone app
  • then type dial *363# then press OK / YES
  • Then press 2 , Maxstream Kouta 10 GB / 5 thousand / 3 days
  • then we immediately buy the package

If you are not clear, you can see the image below

dial OMG Package 10 GB price 5000

Wait a few seconds, if you have received an sms from 363 that your package is active, don’t worry the sms will enter the maxstream quota, after you check on my telkomsel, the quota changes to kouta omg

This is a short tutorial on how to buy an omg package with cheap dial and a cheap dial code for the 10 GB OMG package for 5000, if it’s not clear, you can ask in the comments column or chat wa admin