Cloud Hosted Router [MikroTik]

Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) is a version of RouterOS made to run on virtual machines. CHR supports x86 or 64-bit architecture and is usually used in hypervisor virtualization such as: vmware, hyper-v, virtualbox, kvm etc. Cloud Hosted Router has a full RouterOS feature which is enabled by default but has a difference in the license model with other RouterOS versions.

Minimum System Requirements for installation:

a. 64bit CPU (virtualization support)
b. Minimum 128MB RAM
c. Minimum 128MB disk space for CHR . virtual hard drive

Install CHR
4 types of virtual disk images have been provided and you can choose one of them:
1. RAW disk image (.img file)
2. VMware disk image (.vmdk file)
3. Hyper-V disk image (.vhdx file)
4. VirtualBox disk image (.vdi file)

CHR Licensing
CHR has 4 licenses:

  • free
  • p1 perpetual-1 ($45)
  • p10 perpetual-10 ($95)
  • p-unlimited perpetual-unlimited ($250)