Cloudflare’s Cara Purge Cache

You may have just made changes to a website but when you check it using a browser the display doesn’t change, then you remember that you are using Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN).

To see these changes, you need to purge cache on your Cloudflare website dashboard. This method needs to be done because basically Cloudflare copies the appearance of your website to be placed on various Cloudflare servers, so that if visitors access your website, they will retrieve data from the Cloudflare server closest to them. This aims to speed up the load time of your website for visitors who access it.

Here’s how to purge caching in Cloudflare:

1. Login to Cloudflare through the following link

2. Choose a website you

3. Select a menu Caching > Configuration > Purge Everything.

Purge Everything to clear the Cloudflare cache on all of your website pages, this will make the website temporarily take longer to access because it doesn’t have a cache at the beginning.

If you want to clear the cache on only a few pages, you can choose Custom Purge and put a link to the page to be cached. This method is better because it doesn’t make your website slow to access shortly after purge cache but has a limit of only 30 pages at a time and requires an Enterprise license to purge based on Hostname, Tag and Prefix. Standard accounts can only purge by URL.

4. The purge process takes 30 seconds. After that you can check your website again in the browser.

If you want to temporarily disable the cache so that your changes can be seen without the need for multiple purges, you can enable Development Mode in Cloudflare by:

1. Enter the menu Caching > Configuration > Scroll down and activate Development Mode.

Development Mode bypasses the Cloudflare cache for 3 hours, after which you can repeat this step again if you are still making website changes. Unlike purge which clears cache. Development Mode only temporarily suspends cache (3 hours).