Collection of Applications Buy Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages

Telkomsel Internet package application, internet package is an important need for someone who often plays internet / online world, such as Chatting, Streaming, Downloading, Broswing, Social media, even Tik Tok

But day by day, Telkomsel internet packages are very expensive, starting from internet packages, Gamemax packages, Ketengan packages, Chat packages, OMG packages, Maxstream packages and other Telkomsel packages.

you already know that internet packages that are in the My Telkomsel application or using the Telkomsel Dial Code, are still quite expensive, because for Telkomsel customers, it is different from the application I recommend because this application is specifically for Telkomsel resellers.

Therefore I provide several Telkomsel Resseler applications, to buy cheap Telkomsel internet packages including the DigiPost Outler Telkomsel application, Link Aja, LangitPay, Pm reload or KimNoon Cell, not only Telkomsel these applications can also buy internet packages for all operators

All applications take Include or take data packages from DigiPost Outler Telkomsel, but to become a Telkomsel reseller agent is quite difficult, takes a lot of time, and needs to be an M kiosk

that’s why I provide a collection of applications, buy cheap internet packages, Telkomsel, the cheapest Telkomsel reseller

What is Telkomsel internet package application?

Telkomsel internet package application is a special application for buying cheap internet packages for Telkomsel cards, most data applications / or database servers from Telkomsel Digipost outlets

Purchases in this way are safe, because we buy directly from the Telkomsel server, so there is no data package collection or blocking of Telkomsel numbers.

Collection of Applications Buy Cheap Telkomsel Internet Packages


Digipos is an android application that functions to assist Telkomsel credit seller outlet transactions, this application is directly from Telkomsel, to help Telkomsel card resellers facilitate credit transactions, purchase Telkomsel internet packages etc.

Digipos can be said to be an android application that functions to assist Telkomsel credit seller outlet transactions. For users of the MKIOS card, of course, they are already familiar with digipos

You must register directly with Telkomsel’s Gpari to be able to use this application, because the Digipost application has many advantages for card resellers, or the counter, because there are many cashbasks waiting for you.

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This application is only suitable for counters and resellers of Telkomsel internet cards and data packages

DigiPost Application Functions

  • TELKOMSEL Credit Transactions
  • Data Package transactions are easier and more precise
  • Upgrade 3G Card to 4G
  • Inject Physical Vouchers (Internet Vouchers)
  • Digital Transactions (game quota, music, game vouchers, etc.)

Just link

Just link

Unlike Digipost, the Link application can only be used for many people, because the Linkaja application is included in the digital wallet application, in this application there are lots of cheap packages for Telkomsel cards such as data packages, SMS packages and telephone packages.

LinkAja is an electronic money service for any transaction. Buy credit/data, pay merchants, pay bills, send donations, send money to pay insurance and apply for loans.

The Linkaja application is perfect for you, if you often pay online, just tap and there are many advantages of the Linkaja application such as cashback, attractive promos etc.

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The Linkaja application is a digital financial service from Telkomsel, so if you want to find cheap internet package promos, you can use the LinkAja application.

Sky Pay

Sky Pay

The third application is the Langitpay application, an application for buying/paying credit, PLN, electricity tokens, data packages, BPJS, PDAM, multi-finance, insurance, game vouchers, streaming vouchers, and various other bills, n. LangitPay also provides the Cheapest Guarantee online.

agency-based application that is a solution for digital transactions and payments for the people of Indonesia, especially people who want convenience to transact.

PT Langitpay Digital Indonesia guarantees that the application developed is safe because it uses a security system in the form of GeoTrust SSL, User ID and Password.

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I often use this application, if you want to buy a cheap internet package on a Telkomsel card

that’s the information on some of the applications that I often use to buy internet data packages, sms packages, telephone packages and other packages, which I consider cheaper than buying at the counter and the My Telkomsel application.