Comparison Between Bitdefender and Avira Antivirus

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Comparison Between Bitdefender and Avira Antivirus

Virus Detection Comparison

Advantages of BitDefender Antivirus

BitDefender has the largest security delivery on earth, with over 500 million users worldwide and over 11 billion security queries per day.

The company has repeatedly received AV-Test awards and high marks for their anti-virus protection options, which are spread across a very large range of products. The company offers 8 separate home security plans, and their business and security infrastructure.

Bitdefender’s anti-defense auto-protection protects e-threats, just like behavior-based threat defense technology. Standard across all BitDefender is a suite of multi-layered ransomware protections, as well as online banking protection, keyword manager, search finder, and phishing and fraud detection. The company also offers parental advisors to keep your kids safe, file encryption, and a remotely accessible anti-theft system.

Advantages of Avira Antivirus

Avira’s antivirus detection has garnered a string of awards over the years, and the company isn’t looking to rest on its laurels any time soon.

The system tries to predict threats through “in-the-cloud detection”, which the company describes as a kind of “early warning system” for threats to your computer. This method sees digital fingerprints of unknown files, uploads them, and scans them to create a threat database for their users. The more users, the bigger and more powerful the database and detection system becomes. This helps companies identify new malware threats and integrate them into their products.

Avira leverages artificial intelligence and endpoint antivirus scanners to protect against all types of malware in real time. The company also provides a browser tracking blocker that prevents the company from monitoring your online activity, and a safe browsing feature that blocks malicious websites. In addition, their PUA (potentially unwanted) application scans the software for threats. Simply put, Avira has plenty of ammo and knows how to counter the threats you face.

Software Usability Comparison

  • BitDefender is a no-brainer. You sign up for a service pack and a Bitdefender rep connects to your computer remotely and installs, configures, and activates the software. The rep will also remove old security software and make sure you’re up and running – and safe. Once installed on your computer, you can take advantage of this system via the dashboard. You don’t have to be an expert to understand.

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  • Avira is also simple. For the most part it installs automatically, all you have to do is download and follow some instructions and that’s it. Once you get it, you will see it is an easy to use and highly configurable program with an easy dashboard. You can easily adjust how often you want to scan your computer or let it run automatically.

Feature comparison

The company has a number of configurations for home and business and is highly customizable. Bitdefender offers “best-of-class security”, which includes multi-layer ransomware protection, parental guard, safe browsing, WiFi security advisory (when you log on outside the home), password manager, webcam protection, and tools to protect you. from scams, phishing, and all kinds of other threats. The list, needless to say, is quite long.

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At all points, the software checks your system to rule out vulnerabilities and makes sure you have closed all your vulnerabilities.

At any time you can access their 24/7 customer service too. The company operates helplines in 15 separate countries as well as a 24/7 global hotline. Frequently asked questions sections and online forums can help you out of jam, and you can also contact representatives directly via the online chat option, which operates on three avenues – commercial, technical and malware support.

With Avira you can secure up to five devices with a single license. Avira says the company blocks more than 1 million ransomware attempts per month, and their artificial intelligence will tell you which removable devices are safe to install on your device.

Avira also uses a clean, redesigned interface that’s easy to customize. The company says its technology analyzes malware and combines machine learning with deep learning techniques to protect you from zero day attacks and other harms.

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Avira’s identity protection system will help you keep your data out of the hands of cybercriminals who want to steal your identity, and stop rootkits and spyware.Secure banking gives you layers of protection to help you sleep at night.

When it comes to customer service, Avira has an extensive and easy-to-search online knowledge base. In addition, there are video tutorials and the option to submit written queries via forms. It’s not a lengthy support package like BitDefender offers.

Price comparison

Both companies offer a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, but the similarities stop there. Bitdefender offers a much wider plan, and not only is the price lower, but the service can be implemented on at least 3 devices, and up to unlimited devices (which will set you back quite a bit with Bitdefender Box).