Config CloudX Telkomsel, Change Package to Flash Quota

Config CloudX , Konbawa mina admin will share Telkomsel CloudX config and Telkomsel Ketengan Conference config, which you can try to change CloudX quota to regular flash or Telkomsel regular quota

CloudX and Conference Kuota internet packages can only be used to access Microsoft Teams, WebEx, UMeetMe, and CloudX. but with CloudX custom config,

you will easily change to a regular Telkomsel quota 24 hours

The Cloudx package is a cloud-based communication that can optimize communication and productivity or often the Meeting package

To change the Telkomsel CloudX Config, you need a special additional application called Http Injector (Tunnel Application) which you can get for free on the Playstore, with a combination of config

What is Telkomsel CloudX Config

Config CloudX is a config for meeting packages or Conference packages whose main function is to convert Conference packages and CloudX packages into regular quotas

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By using CloudX config and http injector application

Config Conference and CloudX Packages To Change CloudX Quota To Regular Quota on Telkomsel Card

Config Conference and CloudX Packages To Change CloudX Quota To Regular Quota on Telkomsel Card

Config CloudX Telkomsel

if you use the Http injector application, to change the telkomsel CloudX quota into a 24-hour flash quota, you can follow and see the tutorial below,

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but first you need to download the special gamesmax config below

Download Config CloudX and Conference HERE

  • Download and install the latest version of the HTTP Injector application on the playstore
  • Open the HTTP Injector App
  • Select Import Config (Click Icon Book = > Import Config)
  • Then look for the config file that you downloaded above

make sure to find and select the Config file with the ehi format, or with the ehi suffix that you downloaded above, after successfully importing the config

  • Then press “Start” to be able to connect to the Config server

if 2-3 additional notifications appear from the HTTP Injector application, it means that you have succeeded in running the telkomsel config.

Important Information Config CloudX Telkomsel

the config above uses an SSH account from HideSSh, therefore if the config validity period has expired or it has expired (active period has expired) you just have to create a new SSH account in HideSSH and you must create an Indonesian ssh server account 1 you can change it in the username and password section ssh

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if you are still not clear and understand, you can ask the admin or comment below