Config Instagram Change Instagram Quota To Regular Quota

Instagram config Hello KR friends, this time the admin will share an Instagram config, a config that can only be used for Instagram packages / quotas, this config serves to change Instagram into regular quotas

Instagram config is often used for By.U cards or other cards that have an Instagram quota, if you have an Instagram package on your cellphone, you can use the tutorial I gave to change the Instagram package.

Instagram packages are often found on Telkomsel, By U, XL, Indosat etc. cards, you will easily take advantage of the Instagram quota by using this Config

So that we can use Instagram Config, we need an additional application, namely the HTTP Injector application or other Tunnel application, for the Instagram package to become a 24-hour Regular Kouta

With this Config, you will easily change your quota to Flash Kouta, you can access all sites on the internet, including sites that are blocked by network providers,

What is Instagram Config

Instagram config is a config that is specifically for Instagram internet packages, so we can change Instagram packages to flash / regular quotas

This Instagram config can be config, HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel, Eproxy, Http Custom etc.

Instagram Config To Change Instagram Quota To Regular Quota

Instagram config

Config Instagram to Flash via HTTP Injector

Download Instagram Config HERE

  • Download and Install the Latest Version of the HTTP Injector Application

Download the Http Injector Application and Guide for Beginners HERE

  • Open the HTTP Injector App
  • Select Import Config (Click Book Icon => Import Config)

Then look for the config file that you downloaded above

make sure to find and select the Config file with the ehi format, or with the ehi suffix that you downloaded above, after successfully importing the config

  • Then press ” Start ” to run the Config

if 2-3 additional notifications appear from the HTTP Injector application, it means that you have succeeded in running the telkomsel config.

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if connected then it will be like the picture below

config Hrrp injector telkomsel

Important information Config Instagram

If the SSH account dies, just create a new one on the website and it is mandatory to create a Singapore 1 ssh server account, you can change it in the ssh username and password section

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Can’t understand. Comment or chat admin

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That’s the Instagram share config that I can share with you, to change Instagram quota to regular quota, hopefully it’s useful