Conscious or not, these are questions that often arise from Xiaomi smartphone users: which one are you?

Conscious or not, these are questions that often arise from Xiaomi smartphone users: which one are you?

Try to guess the admin, the first thing you ask when you have a Xiaomi smartphone is “Is the ROM installed on my Xiaomi smartphone still a fake distributor ROM or is it official?” Right?! hehehe.. Whether you realize it or not, the questions you asked earlier are the most popular questions, in essence, they are included in the 10 lists that are often asked by xiaomi smartphone users hehehe.. By the way, what other questions are often asked by users? xiaomi smartphones? here is a list of questions:

Conscious or not, these are questions that often arise from Xiaomi smartphone users: which one are you?

Conscious or not, these are questions that often arise from Xiaomi smartphone users: which one are you?
Conscious or not, these are questions that often arise from Xiaomi smartphone users: which one are you?

Starting from January 2016, approximately 7 months since the website was established until August 2016, the admin has received so many questions via the comments column. Of the many questions, there are some questions that are often asked, arguably the most popular. Usually the questions asked are almost the same and tend to be repeated, but each type of Xiaomi smartphone has a little difference, like that characteristic.
It seems that these popular questions are not only asked on the website, loch! seriously? yes, apparently in some Indonesian xiaomi forums it’s like that too. So often that if someone asks the same question they are often bullied. Nach loch why are you being bullied? Instead of being a victim of bullying, the admin will try to summarize these popular questions and divide them according to the type of xiaomi smartphone.

Redmi 1s:
– Redmi 1s still gets Miui 8?

Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Prime:
– How many tails does my Redmi 2 have, bro?
– How to Flash redmi 2 rom?
– Anjrit, got 17 tails! How can I still get 4G in Indonesia?
– How to fix a yellowish redmi 2 camera?

Redmi 3 and Redmi 3 PRO | Redmi 3s and Redmi 3x:
– How to flash redmi 3/pro global rom?
– How come the 4G is gone? How do I return it?
– Is the redmi 3 rom the same as the Redmi 3 PRO rom?
– Can redmi 3 rom be used on redmi 3s?
– How come verification failed, bro, when installing ROM via update?

Redmi Note 3G
– Genuine or fake my redmi note 3g?
– How do I make my redmi note 3g SIM 2 slot work with 3G too?

Redmi Note 4G | Redmi Note 4G Dual SIM aka Gucci
– Genuine or fake my redmi note 4G?
– which rom for redmi note 4G dual sim?

Redmi Note 2 and Redmi Note 2 Prime
– Why is my redmi note 2 battery so wasteful? it can be charged up to 3 times a day, it’s just like taking medicine -_-
– How to install Samrtfren on Redmi Note 2?

Redmi Note 3 Mediatek
– When will the Indonesian global rom be available for this redmi note 3 Mediatek?
– Can the Mediatek redmi note 3 be installed a Micro SD card?
– What’s the difference between Redmi Note 3 MTK and Snapdragon?

Redmi Note 3 PRO Snapdragon
– How to bring up 4G on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 PRO?
– What’s the difference between the official TAM redmi note 3 pro and the distributor?
– Is there an official ROM for my Redmi Note 3 PRO or is it still a distributor ROM?
– How come there is no update notification?
– Come on, how come the price of the redmi note 3 PRO has dropped? even though it was only 2 weeks ago I bought 2.5 million now it’s only 2 million new ones -___-“
– Can the SIM 2 slot be installed with a MicroSD and a SIM card at the same time?
– What is the function of unlocking the Bootloader, bro?
– Are there any side effects if you frequently flash ROMs?

Redmi PRO
– What is the dual camera redmi PRO for?
– Using a Mediatek Processor, is it hot, bro, is the temperature of this redmi pro? waste battery huh?

– My Mi3 is original or fake?
– How come there is only 1 mi3 SIM slot?

– Bro, how come my Mi4 uses Miui 5? real or fake huh? How to tell the difference?
– When will Mi4 get Marshmallow rom?
– How to find out the Camera Sensor on Xioami Mi4? Sony or Samsung camera sensor better?

– My mi4i front camera has a lot of noise, how do I fix it?
– Why is Mi4i so hot like iron?

– When will mi4c get global rom?
– How come there is no playstore on my Mi4c?

– How come mods for Mi4s are quiet?
– How much are mi4s selling now?

– Come on, how come the price of Mi5 has dropped so much? Yesterday I bought the 3/32GB version, it’s still 5 million, now it’s even 3.7 million, it’s new again (-____-“)
– How come TWRP Mi5 has a password? how to get rid of it?

Mi Note and Mi Note PRO
– bro, is my mi note/PRO new or refurbished? how come it’s so cheap?
– Confused, do you want to take Mi Note or Redmi Note 3 PRO? please advise!
– Why is my Mi Note/Pro screen slightly yellowish?
– What’s the difference between the regular Mi Note and the Mi Note Bamboo?

– How quiet is this Mod for Mi Max?
– How much is Mi max now?

And of all the questions above, the most frequently asked legendary question is whether my Xiaomi smartphone ROM is still a fake distributor or is it an official ROM? followed by a question that is being hit/popular now, how do I bring up the 4G settings again on this type of Xiaomi smartphone? admin will try to help answer some of the questions above:
1. For those of you who are using a Xiaomi smartphone for the first time, it’s a good idea to read the basic guidelines here
2. In order to be able to distinguish between distributor ROMs and official Xiaomi MIUI ROMs, you can read the references here
3. A collection of tutorials on how to restore 4G settings on xiaomi smartphones, you can find them here | here | for mi4c here | for redmi 3/pro here and redmi 3s/x here
4. You can get all versions of the Mi Flashtool collection here, and for SP Flashtool here
5. A little explanation about the tail or the redmi 2 suffix number here
6. You can also find tutorials on how to fix the Redmi 2 modem here
7. You can get a tutorial on how to flash a Xiaomi smartphone rom here:
+ Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro here
+ Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Mediatek here
+ Xiaomi Redmi Note 2/ Prime here
+ Xiaomi Redmi Note 3G here
+ Xiaomi Redmi 1s here
+ Xiaomi Redmi 2/ Prime here
+ Xiaomi Redmi 3 Regular here
+ Xiaomi Redmi 3 PRO here
+ Xiaomi Mi4i here
+ Xiaomi Mi4c here
+ Xiaomi Mi4s here
+ Xiaomi Mi5 here
+ Xioomi Redmi 3s here
+ Redmi PRO here

8. You can fix the redmi 2 camera which is yellowish, you can follow the fix tutorial here
9. Actually, the regular Redmi 3 and Redmi 3 Pro roms are the same alias identical.
10. Same with redmi 3 and redmi 3 pro. Rom redmi 3s can also be used on redmi 3x
11. Those who failed to install the ROM via OTA or updater and then the message Can’t verify update appears can get the answer here
12. Both redmi note 3g, redmi note 4G, mi3, and mi4 are prone to counterfeit goods, so make sure you check fastboot first before buying it. How to enter fastboot mode by pressing and holding the power button and volume down. Meanwhile, for the redmi note 3G, try entering recovery mode, namely the power button and volume up
13. You can follow the tutorial on how to install smartfren on a xiaomi smartphone here | here and here
14. Only the Redmi Note 3 PRO can be installed with a Micro SD card, the Mediatek version cannot
15. To find out more clearly the differences between the Redmi Note 3 Pro and the Redmi Note 3 MediaTek, you can read the references here
16. You can’t get update notifications, usually because your Xiaomi cellphone is still using a distributor ROM
17. Well, it’s also a distributor item, so it’s only natural that the initial price will be exorbitant, but over time it will also decrease. Plus refubish stuff. cheaper. This case happened to the redmi note 3 pro, redmi 3/pro, redmi 3s/x, even the class of flagship Xiaomi mi5
18. Actually, 2 Sim cards + 1 micro SD can be installed simultaneously, the tutorial is here, but it’s risky. So think carefully before starting this tutorial
19. Dual cameras on the redmi pro to create a bokeh effect. That’s the focus on one main object while the background becomes blurry
20. Currently Mi4 has got the MIUI Based Marshmallow rom, for info you can go here
21. The mi4i front camera has a lot of noise and you can find the solution here
22. For a tutorial on installing Playstore on ROM China, you can install the Playstore installer. Tutorials are here
23. A few tips from the admin, before installing Mi Flashtool, it’s a good idea to disable the driver signature first. for tutorials here
24. Tutorial on how to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone bootloader can be found here, plus unlock references based on the admin’s experience here so you don’t encounter a stuck case at 50%
25. How to distinguish fake Mi4 and original Mi4 can be here
26. TWRP Mi5 which asks for a password can also be fixed with the tutorial here | alternative way here
27. The yellow Mi Note/Pro screen is usually due to the vendor of the display. the full explanation is here
28. As for the side effects of frequently flashing ROMs on Xiaomi smartphones, the admin has described them here

Wow, that’s long too… hemm… Please add your own if something is missing. As admin reminds the questions above are often asked. Please +1, like and share, who knows the questions above can be further developed and produce more useful solutions for all Indonesian xiaomi smartphone users.