Cool Specifications of Touchscreen Notebook

Cool Specifications of Touchscreen Notebook


Although it looks similar to similar portable computers. This touchscreen display is quite effective in supporting your mobility. Without having to cause noise due to the keyboard, it is considered more comfortable. But what are the advantages of this device over the others?

1. 1 price, 2 devices

One of the advantages of this hybrid computer is the price. You can pay one price with two portions of the device at once. Yep, a hybrid computer basically has two functions, namely as a notebook as well as a tablet. Through this 2 in 1 notebook, the performance becomes more flexible. Want to travel but bother carrying a computer, just separate it and become a multifunctional tablet. So that later it will be easier for you in doing each activity.

2. Flexibility

Judging from the physical form that can be disassembled, this computer is so flexible. Especially for you who quickly get bored with the form of notebooks that are just like that. Well, this 2 in 1 computer can be the solution to your problem. And that certainly can be relied on in unpredictable situations.

3. Kitchen Runway

Like an ordinary portable computer, this Touchscreen notebook is also equipped with a super sip system embedded as a spur kitchen. So, this 2 in 1 computer cannot be underestimated. Carrying the latest generation of Intel core processors guarantees increasingly fast performance.

3. Jumbo Storage Memory

Popular for having large storage memory, this computer is quite popular. Because large storage allows you to store various files more safely and conveniently. In fact, this touch screen notebook offers very fast data reading speeds. Higher than HDD you know. Are you sure you don’t want to try it?

4. Long Battery Life

On average, this one computer battery has a minimum battery life of 8 hours. The advantages of the Intel core processor and the Windows operating system are the background. So, no need to worry if the notebook is going to slow down quickly.

5. Best Quality Product

Having a slim and stunning body, Touchscreen Notebook is claimed to be a quality product. Not only that, this design is even more superior with a number of embedded features that make it easier for users. Among others; Micro SD, Audio Jack headphones, USB, micro USB and more. Get ready to be pampered by your five senses yes, through displaying super sip images and audio effects that bounce off the ear.

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